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YBE Magazine - Black History (3215 hits)

History isn't about boring us with details of the past. And black history isn't just about slavery and racism. It's a story - our story - with tales of successes and failures, perseverance, and determination. It's a story of people who have achieved despite the obstacles in their paths. It's a story of a people would refused to let others rule them or break their spirits. It's a story that shows our limitless potential. And it's a story that shows that despite stereotypes and misconceptions, we are a superior people.

The 28 Bios of Blackness were provided to serve as inspiration for our young people to show that nothing is unattainble. These bios aren't just to show what others did, but to show us what we can do. We can learn not only from the mistakes of the past, but also from the accomplishments to inspire us to achieve great things.

Check out the 28 Bios of Blackness and more at http://ybemagazine.com/.

YBE Magazine is currently an online only publication, targeting young African-American men ages 17 to 30. YBE is dedicated to educating and empowering our young black people and inspiring them to achieve success, despite any obstacles they may face. YBE offers advice on education, career success, and money, while also providing thought-provoking articles on politics, culture, history, and life issues. YBE is updated weekly. For more information, visit http://ybemagazine.com/ or contact Eric Foster at editor@ybemagazine.com.
Posted By: Eric Foster
Thursday, March 1st 2007 at 4:21PM
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Wow, you have some that I didn't even know about. Encouraging list!
Friday, March 2nd 2007 at 11:22AM
Joyce Brayboy
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