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How to get Noticed by Agencies and Scouts (6431 hits)

So your establishing yourself as a model, but you don't belong to any agencies yet? If you're working to get into the modeling business, you've probably realized that it's a challenge to get noticed among many other men and women seeking the same goals in the modeling industry. Let's take a look at what can make you stand out in the crowd.

Although it may seem the modeling business is overcrowded, agencies always seek new faces and talent that could address changing marketplace needs. Since there's several modeling types, almost all models can find their place...

If you wanna to be a model, agencies and potential employers must know that you're there and you're serious about getting the job. Don't be afraid to contact agencies on your own. Being ambitious is not a bad thing! Keep up with ads in the media. Companies need various people to represent their products. Fashion houses looking for models for the catwalk would probably search for them through an agency, but popular magazines may want unusual faces for various types of photo needs. That's why it can be worth it to read advertisements. A photographer may look for a teenage guy for school theme shoot, an advertising agency may want an artistic looking black female for a specific project. There are many small modeling-related jobs you can take to gain experience. It is easier to get further jobs or interest an agency when you already have a sense of modeling and some great examples of your work in a portfolio. Furthermore, you'll feel more confident presenting yourself, and self-confidence is an important thing. You must prove to the agency that you can be a model. They must always be confident and believe that you're suitable for various modeling opportunities, otherwise there's no point in them accepting you.

A portfolio and composite cards are the best way to present yourself in the modeling world. Professional photos may sometimes costs a lot, but this investment is well worth it because scouts will judge you by your photos... It's better to have a mixture of various looks, themes and compositions in your photos taken which will show your range, and convince others that you are suitable for different types of modeling opportunities. If you only have photos in swimsuit in your portfolio, you will probably be hired to demonstrate swimsuits/lingerie, but not to do other modeling assignments, so show off your range!

Although many modeling jobs require a slim body type, there's no need to worry if you are not slender or not tall enough. You can target petite modeling that requires shorter height, plus size modeling, body part modeling and many others. The main thing is to present yourself in the right way. Fashion fitness modeling scouts will expect you to have healthy look and maybe even some muscles. Lingerie and glamour modeling scouts will look for body types with full curves, while scouts looking for runway models will pay attention to skinny girls. Find your advantages and accentuate them so you'll get the work your looking for and not be left behind.

Remember to take care of your body. This doesn't mean you have to exercise yourself into the ground to get rid of that one more pound, because too-thin models are under discussion these days. If you don't fit into those skinny sizes, concentrate on modeling types that don't require that slim body type. But it's worth it to take care of your good appearance because a healthy look and clear skin are valued everywhere. If you don't believe you are beautiful and suitable to be a model, no one else will either.

Pay attention to your gait and carriage. Imagine that you're already selected for those assignments and radiate that level of confidence in your abilities. Would you know how to carry yourself? If not, look into taking some lessons in advance? Just be careful about who you take lessons from, cause there are many pitfals (scams) if you select the wrong source of instruction. Be sure to check out the history of the source of instruction and look for verifiable success stories. Don't miss a chance to improve your acting or dancing skills in courses. These lessons will make you more graceful and flexible plus they will help you to stay in shape.

Nothing embellishes a you more than your lovely smile does... If you're self-confident and step with grace, you're going to be noticed by everyone, not only by scouts. Keep your portfolio, or some comp. cards with you just in case. Remember that many of the most successful models of our time were discovered in some unconventional places...

The model featured in this article is: Jade Jixx

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Posted By: Marcus Tremble
Thursday, July 26th 2007 at 2:50PM
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