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 Black Men - Not an Endangered Species (You NEED to read this!) (480 hits)
No single group of people seems to be the subject of more discussion and worry than Black men.

As a member of the aforementioned group, I must say that I'm flattered by all the attention. But nonetheless, we need to clear a few things up. There are a lot of misconceptions about us, and you've probably heard a few of them.

1. There are not more Black men in prison than in college.

Over 2/3 of Black men under 30 have never committed a crime or been involved in the criminal justice system. The percentage of Black male college graduates is 16%, the highest percentage ever.

2. Women do not outnumber men in college two to one.

The attendance rate of Black women and Black men is 18% and 16%, respectively.

3. Black men are not mostly unemployed, and take care of their families.

The employment rate of African Americans is 92.8%, the highest since the end of slavery. Families headed by a single Black father are 16% less likely to live under the poverty line.

4. Black men are not financially inept.

African-American financial assets are valued at over $1.4 trillion, or the 18th largest economy in the world. Of that, 42% is invested in real estate. Another 33% is comprised of investment vehicles (stocks, bonds, etc.). One out of every two owns their home.

5. Most young Black men are not into the "gangsta" culture.

42% of Black men ages 18-29 say that hip hop is a negative influence. 59% support prohibiting people under 18 from buying explicit music. 63% say that we are inaccurately represented in media and movies. Sales of hip hop albums decreased 21% this year.

It's time to know the truth. Do not be misled by those who would profit from your ignorance.

We need to rethink the assumptions that we make about each other and ourselves. If these statistics surprise you, ask yourself why. Chances are, it's because you've never been told the truth.

These are the statistics you won't find in the headlines. I challenge you to share this with someone else today... they may be as refreshed and surprised as you are.


Jonathan Carter is the president of The Baltimore Renaissance Foundation, a nonprofit youth leadership organization affecting change in our communities through entrepreneurship.

More info at www.baltimorerenaissance.org

Posted By: Jonathan Carter
Monday, August 6th 2007 at 8:22AM

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This is a nice blog. I'm glad I ran across it. You brought up some good points. I agree with them all but I will only comment on some. Being a communications major I have first hand experience with the media putting things out there that people will listen to and believe. When the media portray our black men in a certain way then that's what everybody is going to think about them. It is so bad that you have black people out here believing it. I grew up with a father in the home so I know nothing about a single parent household and most of my friends grew up with their fathers in the home as well...but we aren't going to hear abot that on the news but those black men are taking care of business...Also as far as the criminal justice system is concerned...we will only know about what is reported. When people of other ethnic groups committ crimes they are looked over or in some way made legal or in some way justified but our black men get slapped on the wrist for talking, standing or looking a certain way so they get put in the system. If our people are the only ones getting put in the system then it is going to look like they are the only ones committing cromes when clearly they are not...they are just the only ones NOT getting away with it....I could say more but you get my point!
Thursday, August 9th 2007 at 5:25PM
Keosha Lipsey
Here is another example of BLACK MEN doing something POSITIVE.



Friday, August 10th 2007 at 8:01AM
Yusuf Henriques
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