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Imhotep (2600 BC) (5262 hits)

( fl c. 2600 BC). Egyptian official and architect. Imhotep, who bore the title ‘Greatest of Seers in Heliopolis' and served under the kings Djoser (reg c. 2630-c. 2611 BC) to Huni (c. 2600-c. 2575 BC), was traditionally the architect of the step-pyramid complex at SAQQARA. His name was inscribed on the base of a statue of the owner of that monument near the beginning of its entrance colonnade. Imhotep was probably the builder of another step-pyramid complex for Horus Sekhemkhet at Saqqara, where his name appears once more. By the Late Period (c. 750-332 BC) Imhotep had been deified, and there are numerous bronze statuettes dating from the Late and Greco-Roman periods (332 BC-AD 395) showing him seated and reading from a papyrus roll (see EGYPT, ANCIENT, fig. 41). He was worshipped at the temple of Karnak, Thebes, and an unfinished chapel at Philae was dedicated to his cult. He was traditionally also the builder of the temple at Edfu, and harpists sang about his wisdom, while scribes made a libation to him before they wrote.
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Monday, February 11th 2008 at 5:42PM
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"The One Who Comes In Peace"
Thursday, October 30th 2008 at 10:34AM
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