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South Africa House, London (1026 hits)

As an undergraduate student attending Wilberforce University, I have been blessed with the opportunity to spend part of my summer participating in a study abroad experience in London. There are a plethora or activities and historical/literary sites to behold in this major cosmopolitan city, but one by far has been my favorite – the South Africa House in Trafalgar Square.

The South Africa House is a beautiful sight to behold considering its legacy and strong presence in the UK. Opened in 1933, its purpose was to be the main diplomatic presence in the UK. It was here that South Africa’s war plans were drafted and conducted during World War II.

It became the South African Embassy in 1961 when South Africa became a republic.

During the 1980s, the South Africa House was a target of Ant-Apartheid protests in the UK. The protest, also known as the Boycott Movement, was a British organization that opposed apartheid and supported South Africa’s blacks.

It was also set ablaze during the 1990 Poll Tax Riots.

It was here that Nelson Mandela gave a speech marking the 7th anniversary of Freedom Day (the fall of Apartheid).

The building currently houses both the High Commissioner and the South African Consulate.

Freedom Day 2001

A millennium message to the people of Southern Africa from the Bishops of the Anglican Church:
As Freedom Day 2001 dawns we thank God for seven years of democracy and liberty in South Africa, and look forward to building on what has been achieved.
While this message focuses on South Africa, we are supported by the Bishops of Lesotho, Mozambique, Namibia, Swaziland and St Helena, who are part of the Church of Southern Africa. We have in mind the key and sensitive relationships which South Africa has with her neighbours. Economic circumstances, xenophobia or expulsions of non-citizens in any of our countries immediately impact on our neighbours.
For many years our passion as church has been to proclaim the Christian message to the nations of Southern Africa for the sake of reconciling, healing and reconstructing our people's lives in their community and family life. To that end we have been working to prepare God's people spiritually and practically to promote God's purposes in Southern Africa and the world.

The Father expects all his people to witness to the Lord Jesus Christ, and in the power of the Holy Spirit to bring others to a knowledge of him. The Anglican Church in Southern Africa shares in this call, and every baptized and confirmed member must share in God's mission to the world.
To this end your lifestyle as a Christian should include these responses to God's love for you: To
• come to God in personal prayer every day
• read the Bible daily
• receive Holy Communion frequently and in expectant faith
• follow the example of Jesus in daily life
• speak about Jesus openly, as the Lord whom you know
• work for justice and reconciliation
• uphold Christian standards in marriage
• bring up children to love and serve the Lord
• give money for God's work and to consider the claims of tithing
• give personal service to the Church and to your neighbour
• let your life be marked with self-denial and simplicity

Stretching towards the future and preparing God's people to work for others, we must stop being shaped to the pattern of this present world, and go on being changed by the renewal of our minds by Christ, offering ourselves together to God. (Phil 3:2, Eph 4:12 - 13, Rom 12:1-2).
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Tuesday, July 22nd 2008 at 8:59AM
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