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It's about the MONEY - Give 5 Minutes and I'll Predict Your Financial Future For the Rest of Your Life (687 hits)

It seems that I'm finding those people who need the money the most aren't willing to talk about it. Part of the reason maybe their Money Blueprint. In the book Secrets of A Millionaire Mind. T Harv Eker gives the following formula:


Translated to English that mean Thoughts lead to Feelings lead to Action equals results. Part of the reason our community is having a difficult time advancing economically is because we have a lot of bad elements in our money blueprints.

Now you may wonder what is a Money Blueprint? It just an analogy. When a person builds a house, car, or computer etc. They general start with a blueprint. It is an outline and detailed drawing of how the thing is put together.

We all have a Money Blueprint. It determines how we respond to issues dealing with money. If you look at the average family income of other cultures you will see that they are doing much better than the American Black.

Why is that?

It is because we have been conditioned not to do the right things which lead to wealth. We have been conditioned to believe that getting an education was all that was necessary for advancement, but we weren't told that the education was not the end, just a means. We were clueless as to how to use that education to build our own pie factory rather fight for a piece of a pie.

I can remember when I was in college at Kean University in NJ. I can remember many of my fellow Black Students goal was a 30K a year job and a BMW. So is it any wonder that 20 years latter when they have come to maturation the median family income of Blacks in America is 32K?

What we project we receive. If we look at many of our African and Caribbean counter parts, you will see that they have very different money blueprints. First and foremost the concept of coming from a nation-state gives a totally different outlook than does a people divorced from their homeland. It has to do with a sense of community and identity.

How does this fit in to the money blueprint? It's like this. In the Third World, Blacks had to build their own houses, fix their own electricity, build their own roads. This is important because when they come to America they aren't looking for other people to do things for them. If a light bulb blows out they will get a ladder and change it. Where as many urban Black educated Americans will call the repair man. The uneducated will call the Landlord. And the Radicals will Blame The WHITE MAN.

I'm being sarcastic, but I hope you get my point. My point is that they way we have been thinking about the natural order of things is what has gotten us the results we have right now. They will continue to yield the results we get until we change our Thinking.

To Be Continued....
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Sunday, September 14th 2008 at 7:57AM
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