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Is The Black Business Builders Club A MLM or Pyramid? What about the $14.00 (1140 hits)

I was recently asked those questions by one of my friends. They wanted to know what product or service would they tell potential people they would be offering with Club. The Black Business Builders Club is a membership driven self help organization.

It is funded completely from membership dues. There are no corporate or government grants for the project itself. It is not an investment club because the membership dues are not collected for the purpose of gathering them together to start/finance/ or perform any other investment activity. That doesn't mean the members of the club can't do those activity, they can. The thing which is important is that that is not the purpose of the membership fee.

The membership fees are a funding mechanism for the club, and away to provide compensation for members who activity invite members to club. This is not multi-level because only the administration and the Qualified Sponsor get paid on each membership. There is no division of the profits on several levels. The greatest asset of the Club are its members and the skill, experience and energy they bring to the club. Money is not the Product. This is not an investment opportunity where we are promising to make your money grow because of our place you money into some type of vehicle that will grow it for you. The money you pay covers your membership dues. What you get for you dues is access to the site. Non members can not make the video postcards, they can not make or see the audio video blog, and the can not access the private resell right products or training material.

If you took away the income opportunity a person would be paying to have the benefits of things which aren't available to the general public. It's just like the difference between Cable TV and Airwave TV, or between Ground Radio and Satellite.

My friend also wanted to know if the $14 payments were made forever. One answer is that if there was an end to the $14.00 payment it would remove the residual component of the compensation plan. Besides having the power of having paid members provided by new members seeking to qualify, the subscription program provides predictable income. I know many people don't want to give up a stable pay check for the uncertainty of business. The recurring payments helps to address that issue. It also helps to foster an atmosphere of customer service, because retention where one income comes from. I also stated that " Once again "Does a person pay on their cable bill forever?" If they want to keep the service they do."

We believe the Club offer so much value to its members that the $14.00 is really a non-starter question. The reason I say that is because of the way Paypal works. If you actively invite members to the Club you membership gets paid for automatically by the people who you introduced. It is a seamless transaction.

I hope this answered your questions. I'm glad she asked it because it makes a great blog post for other members and future members can refer to it. To get more information on the club visit our resource site http://blackresidualincome.com and to become a member you can sign up at http://hudsonliberty.com/recommends/recycleblackdollars.html
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Wednesday, September 17th 2008 at 6:35AM
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Wednesday, September 17th 2008 at 8:30AM
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