Management Team

Daniel C. Moss
Claflin University
As President for HBCU Connect, LLC, Daniel Moss is one of the original team involved in the creation of what is now HBCU Connect, LLC. It wasn't until 2001 however that Moss joined his brother William (CEO) to help move the company to the next level.

Drawing on a keen and natural ability to tune-in to people, find common ground and communicate with them on their level, Moss, as President, is responsible for establishing new channels of business, business to business sales and event management. Before his role as President, Moss' main responsibility was development and implementation of's back-end client management interface, drawing on his years of experience as a manager for Discover Card Financial Services. Moss, an alumnus of Claflin University, in Orangeburg, SC, actually continues to work as a professional artist and has won national awards including Best of Show in the largest juried art exhibition in the Southeastern United States, the South Carolina State Fair Annual Juried Art exhibit.

Moss is a native of Columbus, Ohio and an alumnus of Claflin University in Orangeburg, SC.

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Code Name: Leroy
William R. Moss III
"Figure out what you want, then act accordingly..."
Code Name: D. Meezy
Daniel C. Moss
"Hey El, can you fax this document for me..."
Code Name: Lil Ruth
Elynor R. Moss
Dir., Campaign Fulfillment
"It's time for my Spa appointment!"
Code Name: Pez
Reginald Culpepper
Dir., Member and Web Services
"An onion a day, keeps everyone away."
Code Name: Lee Lee
Aliya Thompson
Dir., Business Development
(Rick Ross) "Ughh!"