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Diversity Sourcing Manager

Elynor R. Moss
North Carolina Central University
Elynor Ruth Moss, a North Carolina Central University Alumna, hails from Columbus, Ohio, home to two nationally accredited HBCU's: Wilberforce University and Central State University. Elynor is happily married to her work and is the proud mother of a dog named Dora! Elynor Moss was raised by Educators. Her mother was a teacher for 30+ years in the Columbus Public School System and her father served on the Columbus Board of Education for over 16 years! The world of education is one that has embraced Elynor all her life. She believes it is her destiny to share with the Black community as a resource to help them not only stay connected to each other and to the world of HBCUs, but to also help us as a people develop into the leaders and Role Models that will forever support Black Power and the elevation of the Black Race.

Elynor obtained her black college experience in Durham, NC where she majored in Business Management and participated in a variety of different activities on campus, most memorable activity being her Varsity Cheerleading days and the Residential Life RA experience! Elynor started marketing on the campus of NCCU back in 2001 when it was called! Over 23,000 of the 400,000 members hail from North Carolina! Elynor ran her own business on campus her sophomore year as a Licensed Managing Cosmetologist. Elynor decided to leave college early and pursue her entrepreneurial destiny and join forces with her brothers William and Daniel Moss to start working on, the world's largest online destination dedicated to YOU, the HBCU community!

Elynor has spent the last four years serving clients and members of She has been apart of the development processes for: Customer Care, Human Resources, Sales, College Relations, and Office Management. She has served as Director of Customer Care, Office Manager, and she currently serves as Senior Account Executive. She loves the work she does mainly because it is so rewarding and fun that it does not feel like work. She takes pride in serving God and is grateful for the chance to serve in the area of Community Development and Higher Education!.

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