Management Team
Director, Member and Web Services

Reginald G. Culpepper
Clark Atlanta University 1998
Mr. Culpepper received a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from Clark Atlanta University (1998) in Atlanta, Georgia; and a Master of Science in Computer Science from Clark Atlanta University (1998). He joined HBCUConnect, LLC in June of 2005 but has had ties with the company ever since its conception back in 1999.

He started his career at Lucent Technologies where he served on the Software Development team and the Northeast Software Deployment team. After leaving his position, he started as a Project Manager with Worldcom (UUNET) where he worked on various critical projects and ultimately became Lead Webmaster for a high traffic intranet site within Worldcom. While still employed with Worldcom, he took a position to share his knowledge with other students trying to obtain their degrees, as an Adjunct Professor at Devry University in Columbus, Ohio. There he taught Java programming for 2 years before his departure, being only initially 1 of 2 professors who was teaching the Java programming language at the university at the time. In 2003, he joined American Direct, Incorporated where he served as Lead Technical Support, Network Adminstrator, and Webmaster of the company's web sites.

At HBCUConnect, LLC, Mr. Culpepper's resposibilities include Member Services and Support, Web Site Development, Career Center Customer Service and Support, Video and Video Production, as well as a handful of other aspects within the company.

Mr. Culpepper was born in Florida but was quickly moved around as his father was in the military. Having lived in Germany for a total of over 9 years, he has also resided in locations such as Kansas, Kentucky, and Gerogia. Currently living in Columbus, Ohio, he is looking forward to growing with HBCUConnect, LLC and the rest of the team.

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