Management Team

William R. Moss III
Hampton University '95
William R. Moss, III is President & CEO of HBCU CONNECT, LLC and has been in this position since founding in June of 1999. HBCU CONNECT, LLC owns and operates the largest Historically Black College & University website in existence and reaches approximately 350,000 website visitors each month.

Mr. Moss, a 1995 graduate of Hampton University in Hampton, Virginia, graduated as the top Computer Science scholar in his class and went on to work as a lead software engineer for AT&T Bell Labs from 1995 until starting in 1999. Mr. Moss is also considered an expert in internet topology, internet marketing, and online diversity recruitment strategies.

William often gives presentations to college students on entrepreneurship, career preparation, and the relevancy of technology to African Americans. Moss' experience in corporate America as an intern, employee, and consultant lead to the development of HBCU Connect as an answer to the lack of an existing platform for HBCU students and graduates to communicate, network and take advantage of related opportunities.

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Our Mailing Address:
750 Cross Pointe Road, Suite Q
Columbus, Ohio 43230
Code Name: Leroy
William R. Moss III
"Figure out what you want, then act accordingly..."
Code Name: D. Meezy
Daniel C. Moss
"Hey El, can you fax this document for me..."
Code Name: Lil Ruth
Elynor R. Moss
Dir., Campaign Fulfillment
"It's time for my Spa appointment!"
Code Name: Pez
Reginald Culpepper
Dir., Member and Web Services
"An onion a day, keeps everyone away."
Code Name: Lee Lee
Aliya Thompson
Dir., Business Development
(Rick Ross) "Ughh!"