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Book Marketing Scholarship
The Book Marketing Scholarship is available to high school and college students. To be considered, you must submit an essay, up to 1500 - words, on persuasive writing....
Posted: 09/29/2014 | Dollar Amount: $1,000
Corrosion In Motion Student Competition
The Corrosion In Motion Student Competition is open to full - time high school and college students. To enter, you must explain, in a four - minute video, how a structure can be impacted by corrosion, taking into account the material, composition of the structure, as well as the environment where it is located. Submissions can be serious or humorou...
Posted: 09/29/2014 | Dollar Amount: $3,000
Clark Scholarship
The Clark Scholarship is available to undergraduate and graduate students. To be considered, you must submit a minimum 1000 - word essay that answers the following question: "Why are colored gemstones better than diamonds for an engagement ring or other high end jewelry?"...
Posted: 09/26/2014 | Dollar Amount: $500
Hidden Triforce of Wisdom Scholarship
The Hidden Triforce of Wisdom Scholarship is available to high school seniors and current college students. To be considered, you must describe, in a 500 - to 2000 - word essay, a time when you have displayed an exceptional amount of courage or wisdom to accomplish a goal in life....
Posted: 09/26/2014 | Dollar Amount: $500
Can Recycling Scholarship
Did you know that Americans only recycle half of the aluminum cans we use? The rest ends up in landfills, or worse, as litter in nature. This fall, DoSomething.org is asking young people to run a drive to collect and recycle aluminum cans. Participants can not only make a huge impact on the environment, but earn a chance to win a $10,000 scholarshi...
Posted: 09/26/2014 | Dollar Amount: $10,000
Amazon Student Scholarship
The merit-based Amazon Student Scholarship will reward 50 full-time undergraduate students with $5,000 toward tuition and $500 to spend on textbooks at Amazon.com. Applications are being accepted now, with the scholarship money distributed in time for fall semester 2015. The scholarship is open to Amazon Student members who are U.S. undergraduates ...
Posted: 09/26/2014 | Dollar Amount: $5,500
Home Insurance Scholarship
Write Here. Write Now. Win $1,000 for College! Submit the best essay and get a $1,000 scholarship from HomeInsurance.com! Choose One of the Topics Below to Write About Topic 1 Insurance is about managing risk - deciding when to play it safe and buy extra coverage and when to gamble that you won't experience trouble. How have you managed risk? What ...
Posted: 09/24/2014 | Dollar Amount: $1,000
Create Real Impact Contest
The Create Real Impact Contest is open to full - time students between the ages of 14 and 22. To enter, you must create an original work (video, music, creative writing, or artwork) showcasing your idea for a solution to the problem of distracted and reckless driving. THERE ARE 9 AWARDS AVAILABLE....
Posted: 09/11/2014 | Dollar Amount: $5,000
Bluetooth Breakthrough Award
The Bluetooth Breakthrough Award is available to high school, undergraduate, and graduate students. To be considered, you must submit an idea for a product, application, prototype; or student - led project that demonstrates how Bluetooth technology can be used in new ways. A letter of recommendation from a teacher or professor is advised....
Posted: 09/05/2014 | Dollar Amount: $5,000
Rebates Zone Scholarship
Are you planning to attend college but you are worried about finances? Do not worry. You can win a scholarship worth $1000 dollars by entering an essay-writing competition. You can use this money in any manner you wish. You can use it to buy food, pay for your accommodation, pay for your tuition or anything else you wish. To win one of these six sc...
Posted: 09/04/2014 | Dollar Amount: $1,000
James Madison Graduate Fellowship
The James Madison Memorial Fellowship Foundation offers Graduate Fellowships for up to $24,000 to individuals desiring to become outstanding teachers of the American Constitution at the secondary school level. Both pre-service and in-service educators are eligible to apply. Fellowship applicants compete only against other applicants from the states...
Posted: 09/04/2014 | Dollar Amount: $24,000
New Look Laser Tattoo Removal Scholarship
The New Look Laser Tattoo Removal Scholarship is available to students enrolled or planning to enroll in an accredited college or university. On a website, blog, or online forum; you must write a 200 - to 400 - word post that expresses your opinion of the societal impact of laser tattoo removal. You must have a minimum 3.0 GPA to be eligible for th...
Posted: 08/29/2014 | Dollar Amount: $1,000
ImproveNetís DIY Repair Scholarship
We are accepting admissions for the ImproveNet DIY Repair Scholarship. Email us at scholarships@improvenet.com for your chance to win a $1,000 scholarship. 2014 ImproveNetís DIY Repair Scholarship Topic: Future homeowners or current students are always looking for ways to save a buck or two and a great way to keep your hard-earned dollars in the ba...
Posted: 08/28/2014 | Dollar Amount: $1,000
2014 Green Home Improvement Scholarship
We are accepting admissions for our green home improvement scholarship. 2014 green home improvement topic: Green home improvement is rapidly becoming a trend in modern home design and construction throughout the United States. Homeowners are taking steps to improve their homes for various reasons, all of which impact the environment and society in ...
Posted: 08/28/2014 | Dollar Amount: $1,000
American Copy Editors Society Scholarship
College students with an interest in copy editing are invited to apply for $6,500 in scholarships plus financial aid to attend the 2015 American Copy Editors Society national conference in Pittsburgh. Four scholarships of $1,000 each will be awarded, and a fifth is for $2,500. To be eligible, you must be at least a college junior pursuing an underg...
Posted: 08/28/2014 | Dollar Amount: $2,500
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