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Steven "Coolbone" Johnson (1237 hits)

Steven "Coolbone" Johnson leads one of the most exciting young brass band in New Orleans, the home of brass bands. Some bands play for the money, some play for fame, but The Coolbone Brass Band plays for the love of the music. All musicians in the group consider music their lives. Their audiences are moved to dance and clap their hands to the happiest music in the world, New Orleans Jazz.

Using the complete brass band compliment, with the leader, Steven "Coolbone" Johnson: Trombone; Vincent Broussard & Darryl Johnson & Jason Hemmens: Saxophones; Thaddeus Ford & Jeremy Cole & Ernest Johnson: Trumpets; Terrell Warren: Trombone; Randall Anderson: Bass Drum: Derrick Francois: Snare Drum; Ronell “Roo  Johnson: Tuba & Trombone., the Coolbone Brass Band plays the great music that made New Orleans famous for Brass Bands throughout the world.

The pulsating rhythm section lays down the groove for the brass section to ride upon with emotion. The players are quick to take advantage of the opportunity to stretch the music out, giving the listener an idea of how jazz developed into what it is today. Brass band music has been evolving in New Orleans with record companies, Sound Of New Orleans being one of the new pioneers producing groups like The Treme; Algiers; High Steppers; Mahogany and Regal Brass Bands. Each band has it's own style, from very traditional to a modern approach.

The Coolbone Brass Band uses another part of the New Orleans tradition to it's advantage, that is, keeping it all in the family: four of the musicians on this recording are brothers! The term "Traditional Jazz" is derived from the concept that the music has been passed from family member to family member, generation to generation. The Coolbone Brass Band continues the tradition of passing on the music from the older musicians to the younger ones.

Part of an old tradition that continues to grow and develop into a new tradition, the Coolbone Brass Band is not a faded imitation of the real thing, but a glimpse of how the real thing came along. A group of great musicians playing music that not only allows for variation, but demands it!
Posted By: Darryl Johnson
Wednesday, September 6th 2006 at 9:13PM
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