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Why racial profiling is destroying black and police relations (3607 hits)

George Cook of www.letstalkhonestly.com discusses his dealings with racial profiling and how it is destroying relations between the Black Community and police.
Posted By: George Cook
Thursday, July 30th 2009 at 8:55PM
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Well, I have experienced racism firsthand. Ive been called a ***** but white people as a child and as an adult I was called a ***** by black and white cops!
Monday, August 3rd 2009 at 11:47AM
Sun Smith
Good post.
Let us understand one thing about the noble profession of law enforcement.
Generally most urban law enforcement police are paid, maybe $3-4,000.00 monthly. They have great insurance and training in their job. Generally they have only a HighSchool degree and may have been in the military. They cannot live in the urban area they patrol and must live in the suburbs where we sell them a home that they cannot afford. They get ready for work, but they do not put on a tie, their work attire includes an automatic gun and shotgun - products that are designed to kill humans and animals. They kiss their wives and babies when they leave home. That long drive allows them to think of the situation that may come up within a couple hours where they must defend themselves from those who pollute our communities and help in the decay of our world.
They have the highest rate, per group of workers, of suicide, alcoholism, divorce, and spousal battery --- a higher rate than even young nonwhite males.
A police officer is a citizen that most law abiding, well educated-clean folk do not want to be around.
So let us all follow Our Leader President Baraka Hussein Obama and show a police officer more respect and courtesy than they deserve. Stay away from them when possible just like you would stay away from a negro with his pants down below his butt, a negro playing loud vulgar music, a negro with red eyes, a negro walking down the street with a 40oz-
Our Leader President Baraka Hussein Obama and Attorney General Holder have stirred up the 35-40% of Americans that thought they would never see this kind of America, BIA have been praying for this day; so just be Obama Cool
Friday, August 7th 2009 at 8:53PM
robert powell
Looooool.....love ur comment Robert. I second the motion on that!!!
Saturday, August 8th 2009 at 12:57AM
Professor Gates and the President let that cop off too easy... Officer James"Jim Crow" Crowley,,, abused his power and broke the law... When the average Black Man is arrested under these circumstances,,, the result is not so cut and dried... Usually we have to make a court appearance: miss a couple of days working because the Officer does not show for the court date; being booked and arrained,,, sometimes making bail to be released; being held in the tank until facing the Judge; Most of the time this will be an economic set back... Send a message to the police across the country by suing the City of Cambridge... This criminal accused the President of disrespecting every cop in America because he abused his position while breaking the law... Let's not let his supporters, those Holier than Thou, organizations that stood behind him and demanded an apology...
Monday, August 10th 2009 at 11:09PM
Maybe it's because you are young, or the fact that I am older.But, when have relations between the police and the BLACK community ever been good? I am surprised that people in the black community are still acting surprised at the fact that we are a persecuted people in the United States of America.Does each and every new generation require a wake up call? Are we that Socially Retarded? How many times does this have to occur for us to realize that this is a continueing example of INSTUTIONAL targeting? And yes,we also have a responsibility to stop BEING victims, stop making ourselves targetable. A policeman once told me," that the odds of him stopping a car full of blacks on any given weekend is going to result in finding a weapon,drugs,or someone with an out standing warrant is high enough to make it worhwile", and this was in 1972. Is it them or is it US?
Tuesday, August 11th 2009 at 7:05PM
First I would like to say that this vido spoke on a good issue involving black people, but the problem is we our so condition today we are not black until something rascal happens. We as African-American only want to say we are black when it benifits use, racail profiling continues because we dnt want to learn about who we our are where we come from. So profiling and European racsim will continue until we study who we our. I always hear put the past behind use but as long as white surprimcy continue the past will still be the present. We are the only people that are told to put our problems behind us. I hard this brotha speak of Obama being in office and we our accepted and I have to ask myself are we? and we are not accepted because the only thing that is accepted from black people is the bad behavor not the good things, so when some one tells me we our accepted we are not. but again I just be leave we have to know who we are and pratice it and be proud of who we are.
Wednesday, August 12th 2009 at 1:10PM
michael collins
DWB (Driving While Black) is a cop/Black MAN thing. Let there be no doubt, Black/police relations have never been good. Most police are white. And white men expect that Blacks give them their "due" when they confront Blacks. A Black man is not suppose to eyeball a white man when being addressed. Black men are supposed to "know their place". DWB does not happen to Black women. The principal racial conflict in this country has always been more about a conflict between whites and Black men than between whites and Black women. Black women do not experience near the racial hatred or discrimination that Black men do. The employment rate of Black women has always been higher than Black men. Black male unemployment has always been twice the national average of unemployment. Not so for Black women. See Harvard's Orlando Patterson's book, Rituals in Blood for a detailed analysis of that phenomenon. I call it the "Mammy factor". Black women have always been more acceptable to whites than Black men. The threat whites sense about Blacks is more intense where it is concerns a Black man than a Black woman.

Black women were in the "Big house" before Black men. They were the Mammies. White kids were nurtured back in the day by Black housekeepers and Black nannies. Whites have always loved Mammy. They do not feel threatened by Mammy. Al Jolson became singing a song, while in Black Face, called Mammy. The lyrics: I'd walk a million miles for one of those smiles from MaaaaMMMY"
But we are skipping the critical part about Black/police relations. Follow this logic. The propriety of police conduct is a matter of police department policy and we are able to little about that policy because that is a political matter and we do not have equal political power of a white person. Why? Because the income for Black families in this country is half that of white families. If you subscribe to the notion that money is the mother's milk of politics, it follows that we have half the power of whites, even in our own community.
What we need to do is kick some socio-economic butt and correct the economic imbalance between Black and white families. Then we will have equal power to affect police policy and some of that Gates garbage will abate. It will never go away, but it will be reduced to trivial activity. For how we achieve economic parity between white and Black families, see my blog: www.hanksands.blogspot.com.
Sunday, August 16th 2009 at 12:13AM
I am an afro american officer and I have worked the afro american community for almost my entire career. The problem is not the police,the problem is the community and the oppressed mentally that afro americans carry within. I have one question, in the black community who are selling the drugs and breaking into peoples homes? Why are so many black males killing each other, who will you blame for that. Why are black males filling up the prisons? Why are so many of young afro american females having baby after baby before they turn 18 years of age. I always said since arfo americans are always crying file, let them police themselves then you will see the truth. I was raised in the inner city with the odds against me however, I overcame the odds with making the right choices.I made up my own mind that I was going to be something in life. Yes, black males do steal and sell drugs and tear up their own community. I understand why a lot of afro american police don't won't to police the afro american community we try to encourage the youth and give back however, we became targets of name calling and complaints. As far As that stupid statement about only having a high school education,that only shows how superficial your research skills are. Before you make a statement do your research, Most law enforcment agencies require a 4 year degree or more. I can also assure you that a lot people who have made bad choices in life wish they could get in law enforcment. I have so much I could say however, I wont. I have an article I am working on how about, (Policing while black).
Saturday, August 22nd 2009 at 10:08PM
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