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Black Folks Guide To Creating Wealth On line (6686 hits)
http://tinyurl.com/blackfolksguide Black Folks Guide is here! It's about that time to get down and learn how to create wealth online. ...
Posted Saturday, May 16th 2009 at 11:30PM
by: Terry Reid | post comment
The Rainbow Coalition (355 hits)
The struggle for freedom and equality for African Americans is one that is passed down from generation to generation and from one era of black leadership to the next. Throughout history, the African American leadership has had many outstanding men a ...
Posted Friday, May 1st 2009 at 10:46AM
by: Terry Reid | post comment
The Harlem Renaissance (354 hits)
The quest for equality and freedom for African Americans has been fought on many fronts. But there is no question that in the area of the arts, the contribution of black America has been so profound that it has greatly eased racial tensions and chan ...
Posted Friday, May 1st 2009 at 10:45AM
by: Terry Reid | post comment
Martin Luther King's Dream (239 hits)
In the history of any great people, sometimes there is a singular moment that so sums up that struggle and challenges the hearts of the people of the time that this moment becomes one that is both historic and mythical. In the long history the Afric ...
Posted Friday, May 1st 2009 at 10:43AM
by: Terry Reid | post comment
The Triumph at the Berlin Olympics (268 hits)
There have been many truly memorable moments in black history where the blatant wrongness of racial discrimination has been dramatically put on display. The 1936 Olympics in Hitlerís Germany may be one of the most dramatic because of what the madman ...
Posted Friday, May 1st 2009 at 10:41AM
by: Terry Reid | post comment
Terry Kirk Reid Blog (619 hits)
http://www.youtube.com/terryreid77 http://www.twitter.com/terrykirkreid http://www.myspace.com/terrykirkreid Terry Reid Black Business Builderwww.blackbusiness.com http://TerryReid.mlmleadsystempro.com ...
Posted Saturday, April 18th 2009 at 9:05PM
by: Terry Reid | post comment
Terry Reid Black Business Builder Club Top earner (1889 hits)
Black Business Builders ...
Posted Saturday, April 18th 2009 at 8:57PM
by: Terry Reid | post comment
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