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How to Prepare for College Correctly (1033 hits)
I wanted to take the time to release information that will make a difference in preparing students along with their parents for college. I believe that information should be shared with all and that it must be obtainable in a way that people can have access to it. I am haunted by the quotes ...
Posted Saturday, June 20th 2009 at 12:56AM
by: C H | post comment
It Only Thanks A Minute to Change A Life -- Please Share!!! (686 hits)
As school is letting out throughout the country, I wanted to share a few words of hope and encouragement. We should never give up on "Hope and Belief". This should be the same of the principles that we raise ourselves or children on. Regardless of yo ...
Posted Friday, June 5th 2009 at 12:07PM
by: C H | post comment
FEDEX - UNCF Scholarships -- Deadline: May 17, 2009 (949 hits)
FedEx Corp. has awarded $331,800 to the United Negro College Fund to establish the FedEx -UNCF Scholarship Initiative. The FedEx-UNCF Initiative will award five, 4-year scholarships for the 2009, 2010, and 2011 academic years to minority high school ...
Posted Thursday, May 7th 2009 at 1:00AM
by: C H | post comment
2009 Design Scholarship Challenge (660 hits)
Aspiring graphic designers have until June 8 to submit entries to the “2009 Design Scholarship Challenge” to compete for the national prize, an opportunity to work with DC Comics on an upcoming marketing campaign for “Absolute Justice” and a $25,00 ...
Posted Thursday, May 7th 2009 at 12:49AM
by: C H | post comment
Summer Programs will be Expiring -- Please Share!!! (552 hits)
copyright by R2C2H2 Many Summer programs will be expiring between May 1, 2009 through May 15, 2009. You might ask, why summer programs? The reason is that it helps to build a foundation for your child and helps them to prepare for college or lif ...
Posted Thursday, April 23rd 2009 at 2:08AM
by: C H | post comment
Apple Inc. Coco Camp -- Deadline: April 26, 2009 (814 hits)
Cocoa Camp August 17 - 21, 2009 Cocoa Camp is a week-long session at Apple Inc. headquarters in California for students who want to learn to build iPhone applications using Cocoa. This will be a lab-style environment with both lecture and exercies ...
Posted Tuesday, March 31st 2009 at 12:48AM
by: C H | post comment
IT Elite Seminar -- Deadline: May 1, 2009 (713 hits)
2009 IT Elite Seminar August 2-7, 2009 at P&G Global Headquarters in Cincinnati, OhioThe ELITE Seminar will provide Emerging Leaders in Information Technology with an incredible Experience. Over five intense days, participants will work with c ...
Posted Tuesday, March 31st 2009 at 12:45AM
by: C H | post comment
The Shame Of A Nation...The Emmett Till Legacy (2896 hits)
March 2009 Theme: For Us, The Living... TOPIC: The Shame Of A Nation...The Emmett Till Legacy "No nation, savage or civilized, save only the United States of America, has confessed its inability to protect its women save by hanging, shooting, a ...
Posted Thursday, March 12th 2009 at 10:34PM
by: C H | post comment
It is Never Too Late!!! (725 hits)
I wanted to send out a note to the "Class of 2009" and past classes or anyone that need to know that it is never too late to go for your goal(s) in life. Many times we have our eyes toward getting the students graduated, but not looking beyond at tho ...
Posted Tuesday, March 10th 2009 at 4:47PM
by: C H | post comment
Major Deadlines Approaching -- March 15th through March 31st -- $$$ Still Available (881 hits)
Just wanted to let you know that many of the major deadlines for the Scholarships, Internships, Summer Programs, Etc will be ending between March 15th through March 31st with the rest wrapping up by April 10th - 15th. Please share "Planning and Preparing for College (Scholarships, Internshi ...
Posted Tuesday, March 10th 2009 at 4:43PM
by: C H | post comment
Class of 2009 -- January 15th Deadline is Approaching -- Please Share !!! (568 hits)
Class of 2009, the first major college registration deadline is on "January 15, 2008", please start wrapping up your applications and complete packets now. Give your recommendations letters/forms to the references now and turn in your paperwork requi ...
Posted Saturday, January 3rd 2009 at 3:00PM
by: C H | post comment
Press Release: 7/20/08~Green Party VP Candidate Rosa Clemente Live And The Angola 3's (1850 hits)
It is my hope that you will share the attached email with as many as you know. Many times we are left out of what is going on as we relate to African Americans. My son created his blog, W. E. A. L. L. B. E. Alternative News and his W. E. A. L. L. B ...
Posted Saturday, July 19th 2008 at 7:56AM
by: C H | post comment
Gift to the Class of 2009 and Others (1808 hits)
I wanted to make a special contribution to the "Class of 2009" and those that are currently preparing their child or children for college (9th-12th graders or younger) to give you a headstart on the college preparation process. It is my goal that no ...
Posted Friday, June 13th 2008 at 2:00PM
by: C H | post comment
Fathers With Courage & Legendary American Father Martyrs (2784 hits)
W.E. A.L.L. B.E. News & Radio One Full Year On The Air!!! June 2008's Theme Is "Intergenerational Conversations..." Date: Sunday June 15, 2008 Time: 4pm-6pm Central/5pm-7pm Eastern Listen To The Show: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/weallbe/2008/06/15/Tha-Artivist-Present ...
Posted Friday, June 13th 2008 at 1:54PM
by: C H | post comment
Remembering Medgar...July 2, 1925-June 12, 1963. (2034 hits)
"You can kill a man but you can't kill an idea." -Medgar Evers, June 7, 1963 When we got to the courthouse, the clerk said he wanted to talk with us. When we got into his office, some 15 or 20 armed white men surged in behind us, men I had grown up with, had played with. We split up and ...
Posted Friday, June 13th 2008 at 1:48PM
by: C H | post comment
Bridging The Gap Between The Civil Rights & Hip Hop Generations (1856 hits)
About Dr. Price Emmett G. Price III is quickly rising as one of the nation’s leading experts on bridging the generational divide. A well regarded musician, educator, and consultant, Emmett actively researches, lectures and writes about Black Music ...
Posted Sunday, February 24th 2008 at 4:29PM
by: C H | post comment
Civil Rights Icon & Dear Friend Of Rosa Parks, Johnnie Carr Joins The Ancestors... (1710 hits)
Artivist Writes: I fondly remember the late great Mrs. Carr at her childhood friend and comrade Rosa Parks' Memorial Service in Detroit in 2005...She said something that stuck with me till this day...She wanted to verify that her good friend wasn't n ...
Posted Sunday, February 24th 2008 at 4:09PM
by: C H | post comment
Education Visionary Writes: Scholarship Deadlines Approaching...Apply Now!!! (1785 hits)
Guys, I need your help in ensuring that we get the message out to our students and parents that they must apply for scholarships, fellowships, internships and summer programs. We have the power to make a difference in the distribution process, but we ...
Posted Sunday, February 24th 2008 at 3:56PM
by: C H | post comment
Tha Artstorian Ponders:Is Barack Obama The Sam Cooke of American Politics??? (1675 hits)
The other day I was listening to The Man Who Invented Soul Music a.k.a. Mr. Sam Cooke in the relative comfort of my automobile…Sam Cooke besides being one of my favorite singers of all time, is arguably one of the greatest crossover success stories i ...
Posted Friday, February 8th 2008 at 7:05PM
by: C H | post comment
A View of the Mountain Top -- Martin Luther King, Jr. in Memphis (1638 hits)
In honor of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Fox13 and the Civil Rights Museum created a magnificent website titled "A View from the Mountaintop". Please click the link to view the site and share with others: http://ctherd.blogspot.com/2008/01/vi ...
Posted Friday, January 18th 2008 at 5:56PM
by: C H | post comment
Alert, Alert -- 2008 Deadlines Approaching -- Please Share!!! (1791 hits)
Apply now for: 2008 Scholarships 2008 Internships 2008 Summer Programs 2008 Fellowships 2008-2009 FA FSA Registration Starts -- January 2, 2008 Many of Deadlines ending January 15 - January 31, 2007 -- Read my blog, Planning a ...
Posted Monday, January 7th 2008 at 6:06PM
by: C H | post comment
Jena 6 News -- Mycal Bell's case ends in Plead Deal (1459 hits)
On Thursday, December 6, 2007 Mycal Bell one of the defendants in the Jena 6 case will have his juvernile trial. Ironic this is his father's birthday. But what a great birthday present, if he could be released and cleared of the charges. As this ...
Posted Saturday, December 1st 2007 at 3:16PM
by: C H | post comment
The Greatest Love Is Giving Knowledge -- Please Share (1319 hits)
Guys, I have approached my 50,000 hit mark on my blog, Planning and Preparing for College (Scholarships, Internships, Etc). I need your help to get the word out to your family, friends, co-workers, church members, etc to visit the blog at http://ww ...
Posted Saturday, December 1st 2007 at 2:59PM
by: C H | post comment
Jena 6 - Mychal Bell Status -- Blackout -- 11/2 (2272 hits)
The internet is a great vessel to get important information out..I wanted to provide you a hot off the press scoop, in hope that you will share with others: I attended the "Strange Fruit: The Jena 6 Story" in St. Loius and it was a mind opening experience. I wanted to share the updates of ...
Posted Sunday, October 28th 2007 at 3:00PM
by: C H | post comment
W.E. A.L.L. B.E. Radio Proves That Jena 6s Are Not Only A State Of Mind, But A Fact O (1494 hits)
Mychal Bell has been arrested for Parole Violations. On Sunday 9/30, my son spoke with Mychal Bell's father and at that time they had placed him under house arrest and on Sunday, 10/6/07 Tony Brown was on WeallBe discussing exactly what happen prior ...
Posted Friday, October 12th 2007 at 1:22PM
by: C H | post comment
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