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Founded: September 12th, 2005
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Since Hurricane Katrina has came through and made such an impact on the Dillard University family, It was time for us all to come together like the family we are. Even though Dillard Univ. isn't physically standing at the moment, well parts of it isnt..it is our job as the DU fam to CONTINUE the LEGACY ( Lol who do I sound like?) Like Jadakiss says,"WE GON MAKE IT!"...so DU STAND UP...let's show HBCU how Dillard keeps it poppin off. No matter what obstacles come before us...we will prevail and against all odds DILLARD UNIV. will be back and better than ever b4! Even if you don't plan on returning..bc I know a lot of us don't..join anyway...its just a way to keep in contact. God Bless....Until next Time ~1~
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