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We all have our things, dreams, goals, desires, stumbling blocks, etc. This room is for all people despite backgrounds, beliefs, cultures, attitudes etc. No condemnation, not about anyone 1st and foremost. All "God", Our Higher Power. God comes 1st and foremost. WE EVEN HAVE A ONLINE BIBLE WITH NUMEROUS TRANSLATIONS TO USE AND VIEW AS YOU NEED/PLEASE!!! We can pray for one another, ask our scriptural questions, Bible study if one so chooses etc. And think about this, a 24/7 direct phone line to God specifically for You via people of like minds... Brothers and Sisters and Friends and the type of great people that You need for the season or seasons of Your Life. Whereas others may have hurt You out there, No one is here to do that to You and remember we all come directly under God first and foremost. What we do to each other is directly to God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit 1st... I hope to see many more brilliant, uniquely intelligent spiritual people add blogs here. Remember positive words go on forever and we all have great influence. The Bible states that No One Dies Unto Themselves... All are Brothers and Sisters here and Proverbs talks about friends can be closer than even family, this is for many that relate to where I am coming from... Matt 6:8 "Your (Place Your Name) knoweth what things Ye (Place Your Name) have need of, before Ye (Place Your name) ask "Him". Ecclesiastes 4:9-12 "2 are better than 1; because they have a good reward for their labor. For if they fall, the 1 will lift up his/her fellow: but woe to him/her that is alone when he/she falleth; for he/she hath not another to help him/her up. Again, if 2 lie together, then they have heat: but how can 1 be warm alone? And if 1 prevail against him/her, 2 shall withstand him/her/they; and a 3-Fold cord is not quickly broken. Matt 18:18-20 "Verily I say unto YOU, Whatsoever YE shall bind on earth shall be bound in Heaven: and whatsoever YE shall loose on earth shall be loosed in Heaven. Again "I" say unto YOU, That if 2 of YOU shall agree on earth as touching anything that THEY shall ASK, it shall be done for THEM of "My" Father (ABBA)" which is in Heaven. For where 2 or 3 are gathered together in "My Name", there am "I" in the midst of THEM. No gossip! All can stay right here. No one is without sin. Some are further from it. There is always someone else that can assist in getting your prayer across, numbers amplify everything. We can all spiritually network here for all great and lasting things. I look forward to hearing great testimonies and what you have overcome, Blessings etc. Great news for one is great news for all. The is no human leadership here. People can post Daily Inspirational sayings here, pray for a significant other, express problems without mocking or ask for any kind of need. It is clear that prayer is amplified by people. One does not have to be specific if they choose not to. People can leave responses to prayer or pray silently to themselves or touch and agree. No one is perfect, we all have our besetting sins. We all especially in today's world need pray whether we know that or not. "God" is every one's God. We are all trying to make it in this world. Joining this group is optional, you may join or not. One can just read, touch and agree, say their own things or read something inspirational here in those moments we all have regardless of day or night. Positive comments are welcome, we can add people, pets or anything in here we ask for prayer for. Love to all. "God" Bless via power of the Holy Spirit, in the Name of Jesus under the Source that all flows from, our "ABBA" (personal name for God our ultimate Daddy) and Jesus that died for all who are non-perfect. Amen P.S. Can You imagine the prayers of a THOUSAND plus people in synchronicity in today's world? People can not only comment, say amen, etc. We are all who, what and how we are, a person can just read what one writes and touch and agree with that person, even saying that positively inward. I hope invites blossom forward for the benefit of all aspiring to be somebody and grow. Anyone aspiring to do anything like being on American idol can inform this group, or those who write, or those in business, or those just needing prayer to remove mountains etc.. I pray I clarify enough here... There is a formula that everyone knows 250 people and 250 people each knows 250 people. Many people here aspire to benefit the world, well... "God" ("ABBA" Your Daddy or what You need "Him" to be for You), along with "Jesus" Your Advocate, Wonderful Counselor, Doctor; and the Holy Spirit the energy force and Legions upon Legions of Angels and Heavenly Saints in High Places(Far above negative principalities and powers against You), that increase everyday, a Host of Heaven support and encourages (Heavenly fans and Your positive ancestors/saints). God Bless and love to all! Sincerest W.W.H.III P.S.! WE HAVE A ONLINE BIBLE WITH NUMEROUS TRANSLATIONS TO USE AND VIEW AS YOU NEED/PLEASE!!! Spread The Good News Please! Feel free to promote and follow on Twitter: Follow He3Man7 on Twitter
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