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Founder: Reginald Culpepper
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Category: Professional Organizations
Founded: July 24th, 2009
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We're a rapidly expanding, national membership organization dedicated to helping you and your small business grow and become more profitable.

As the preferred small business networking organization, we are focused on small business professionals, creating fresh opportunities to connect with other entrepreneurs and make important business contacts at local, state and national levels.

When you join your local MainStreetChamber™ you'll discover outstanding venues for promoting your business from the local to the global marketplace. Plus you'll gain access to a host of free benefits and group discounts typically reserved for big business.

Free Lifetime Membership is Just The Beginning! Thanks to our strategic Partnerships and paid Sponsorships, at both the local and national levels, MainStreetChamber™ is able to offer free lifetime memberships to small and home based business owners and we make joining easy. Get yours by attending one of our grand opening events where you live or in a neighboring city, or go to http://texas.mainstreetcham,ber.org and you'll be on the road to member benefits that help you:

Keep Your Business Connected 24/7 Our MainStreetChamber™ online network is designed to provide expanded, maximum exposure for you and your business. Connecting through this online resource is complimentary along with your free lifetime membership.

Create New Business Opportunities MainStreetChamber™ members enjoy exclusive opportunities to promote their businesses to prospective clients and customers throughout the nation.

Grow Professionally As MainStreetChamber™ members, you and your staff have access to the most dynamic, resourceful professional development programs in North America. Learn the latest best business practices from local and national experts without having to invest a lot of time and money.

Keep Business Development Costs Low with Free Admission - You will never pay a fee to attend a MainStreetChamber™ networking event, mixer or business expo. We encourage active member interchange and will not slow the momentum of valuable networking by charging fees.
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