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Founder: Mythical Bliss
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Category: Love & Romance
Founded: September 6th, 2009
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HBCU Bookies
For those who enjoy a good Read with all the bells and whistles, come join this BOOK CLUB. I promise you, you have never read books like I recommend. I have a penchant for seeking out the most impressive and mind blowing authors who ever wrote a word in sequence. The authors I choose are well into their readership and make sure that we have avenues by which to discuss with them personally (by way of scheduled forums and/or scheduled chats) any aspect of their work that just begs for answers. The Book of the Month for September 2009, is HANNIBAL, BOOK I (not the cannibal Lector but the Great Hannibal of Carthage, Africa). For a free synopsis and an idea about the directions our discussions will take, visit the book's website www.hannibaltrilogy.com. Peruse it, then decide if you have: 1) the spiritual awareness it will take for you to be a member in a book club such as this with the deep discussions we will undertake; 2) the interest in a well-written (erotically told) love story between a Great Black Man and his equally Great Black Woman; 3) an unlimited vocabulary and mind provoking curiosity that creates a visual epiphany that will pull you into the story; and 4) the ability to survive it all ____________________________ This is what I went through when I read these books. I also learned that I was willing to skip work, not answer my phone, cook or eat (I lost 4 lbs) because I could not put the books down. Therefore, I have decided that I need to talk with as many people as I can who have also read the Hannibal Books to see if they feel the same way. If we develop a successful book club here, we may 'win' a special visit from the author (and a Hannibal warrior) and be privy to a private performance of her roundtable tour to begin Black History Month 2009. (You can read the info on the site). Come on, become an HBCU Bookie and let's talk about things!!! Myth
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