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Founder: chris smith
Members: 6
Category: College (Campus Organizations)
Founded: August 4th, 2008
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Groove Phi Groove SFI
HISTORY AND PURPOSE roove Phi Groove Social Fellowship, Inc. was founded at Morgan State College (now Morgan State University) on October 12, 1962 by fourteen daring young Black American men who felt the need to create an innovative organization to change the way we think about brotherhood. Thus, Groove Phi Groove was established Our Founders established the Fellowship with the purpose of promoting academic awareness, good ethical standards and unity among college and graduate men, to create intelligent and effective leadership, and to study and help alleviate the social and economic problems concerning society in order to improve the status of mankind. Little did our Founders know in 1962 that the fruits of their efforts at Morgan State College would evolve into a movement that would live through today, and which would play an important role in developing and nurturing what we know as Black America through the Black Power Movement. www.gphig.org
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