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Founder: Reginald Culpepper
Members: 23
Category: Love & Romance
Founded: August 25th, 2008
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Lyrical Liquor
We have a good time here. This is the place for stimulating, sensual, and mature conversations, 21 and over please. The Comfort Zone is for adults who are single, married, involved, looking, etc. A place where you can be free to express yourself, give or receive advice on relationships, or help those who are going down roads you've traveled. ****************WELCOME EVERYONE TO "LYRICAL LIQUOR"******************** To ensure everyone has a pleasurable time within the confines of our group, I feel as though a few ground rules are appropriate and they are listed below. ALL POSTS NOT MEETING THE POSTED RULES WILL BE IMMEDIATELY DELETED WITH NO QUESTIONS ASKED.** 1. ALL POSTS SHOULD BE POETRY, SHORT STORIES, BLOG OR JOURNAL ENTRIES, OR ARTICLES. OTHER ACCEPTED POSTS SHOULD BE RELATED TO WRITING, PUBLISHING, AND OTHER INFORMATION RELATED TO THE AFOREMENTIONED EXAMPLES. Thread exceptions are games, birthdays, and welcome threads. If in doubt, send a note to SilhouetteLover and inquire. ** 2. NO nude photos or images in the picture gallery. Tasteful pictures are acceptable but no private areas should be visible. ** 3. NO blatant disrespectful behavior towards our fellow members. All feedback should be constructive and helpful. This is applicable for posts within the forum, notes send to group members, comments sent in IMs, or posts on members pages as comments on pages, comments on photos, and guestbooks. ** 4. NO personal ads threads to meet people or websites unrelated to writing. However, ads promoting your own book, cd, event, open mic, or website regarding writing is acceptable PROVIDED YOU ASK AND RECEIVE APPROVAL FROM THE GROUP OWNER. If you do not get permission from the group owner, your post will be deleted and you will be subject to immediate being banned. ** 5. NO profanity or use of words considered offensive in the TITLE of created threads or in the posts. All POSTS NOT MEETING THIS CRITERIA WILL BE IMMEDIATELY DELETED WITH NO QUESTIONS ASKED. Be creative in your word choices within the threads as well. Use of abusive language, especially extreme use, will be grounds for your post to be deleted and is up to the discretion of the owner and the moderators. Word variations are acceptable but at the discretion of the moderators can and will be banned. Please use the following as guidelines. Examples of acceptable words and their modifications. However, excessive use will get your post deleted. Shyt spelled in any variations other than the standard spelling is acceptable. Azz spelled in any variations other than the standard spelling is acceptable. Dayum spelled in any variations other than the standard spelling is acceptable. F*** is acceptable in this form only. N**** or N-word or Nicca is acceptable in these variations. P**** is acceptable in this form only. M*****F***** is acceptable in this form only. D*** is acceptable in this form only. B**** or bytch is acceptable in these variations only. Excessive use of any of these variations will get your post deleted. Anything other than the above variations WILL BE IMMEDIATELY DELETED. Be careful of word usage because other words that may not be listed above may be deleted at the discretion of the owners and moderators.
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