BLACK HISTORY Told By the Prophets of the Bible
The month of February has been designated Black History Month. The world tell us that Black History Month is set aside to recognize the contributions that black people have made to this country and to the world. When we talk about the contributors, we name people like Harriet Tubman, Booker T. Washington, Jean Baptist Point Du Sable, Paul Lawrence Dumber, W.E.B. Duboise, Sojourner Truth and a host of others that have been recognized in the month of February. What we want to point out to our readers is that every people on the planet are called after a country on a continent. For example, Mexicans are from Mexico. Chinese are from China. Sudanese are from Sudan. Nigerian origin is from the country on the African continent called Niger. When it comes down to Black-Americans or African-Americans, we are referred to as just black folks. Each group of people has their own country. Where is the country called black on the continent of Africa? We say we are African-Americans, but were in African did we come from. Africa is a big continent with 47 countries on the continent, and counting the African Islands the total is 53. Which one is your origin? You canít just go back to your native land while there are tribal wars and ethic cleansing taking place in Africa. Even black on black crime in Africa is on a higher scale of destruction and is far worse than we would ever imagine it to be in our own black communities. Furthermore, we have a history that has not been told to us. Our mothers, our fathers, teachers, and our pastors have not shown us how our ancestors proliferated and was sold throughout the Mediterranean lands of Asia and Africa and settled here in a land called America, which is not our own. Let the truth be told to All That have an ear to hear. Your history is no longer a mystery. What we would like to do is take you on a journey in Black History told by the prophets according to the bible. This will be a six week series and we ask that you follow along with us and consider the whole matter of the content. Part 1 through part 6 is as follows: Color, Slavery, Spiritual Death and Resurrection, The Priest of God, The Adoption, When we Were Kings. Our purpose for part 1: color, is to identify a race of people called black. Therefore, enjoy the readings.
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