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Thank you for visiting the Shephard Family Enterprise Business Administration and Information Systems Consultants Site. The Shephard Family Enterprise is company that is composed of three organizations to serve you which are Contracting in Building and Maintenance Services Consulting, Entertainment Consulting and Arrangements, and Business Administration and Information Systems Consultants. The Shephard Family Enterprise Business Administration and Information Systems Consultants opportunities consist of: •Consulting in Business Methodology and Business Strategies, which Include: –Professional Organizational Structuring and Restructuring for new and existing businesses. –Consulting for New Business Owners: What to be expected when organizing a new business and “How To Set up a Business” for success. •Consulting in Employment Strategies and Business Practices, which Include: –How to interview new or future employees for your new business structure . –What requirements should you consider while seeking new hires for maximum performance. –Consulting for: Implementing Organizational Flowcharts and Organizational Structures. •Consulting for Customized Computer Applications to feature your business, which include: –Computer Training for: Microsoft Suite(MS Access, Excel, Word, and PowerPoint), Oracle Financials Application(AR, AP, GL,and Cash Management), PLSQL, SQL*Plus, Developer2000 Forms and Reports. –We create computer applications strictly customized and designed for your business to track of your sales, inventory stock, generate invoices, receipts, bills and keep track of your customers buying trends. –( Ask about our tutoring services starting at $25.00 per hour for the MS Suite.) The Contracting in Building and Maintenance Services Consulting consist of: Labor relations, Contracting for: Building and Grounds Maintenance, Office Maintenance, Home grounds Care, Construction and Building Labor Services. The Entertainment Consulting and Arrangements Services consist of: Rico Rawsey’s Entertainment Agency which recruits personnel for:  Vocalist  Musicians  Dancers  Jazz Vocalist  Bands R&B Singers  Runway and Still Models  Cooks  Jazz Dancers  Waitresses and Waiters Stand up Comics  Professional Security Personnel  Drivers (Must have CDL)  Actors and Actresses  Professional Stage Hands
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