Legal Professionals
Are you a lawyer, judge, law school professor, law student, or have a J.D. but not practicing law, then this group is for you. I am Founder and CEO of FHG Media Enterprises - - a new media and technology company whose mission is to use technology to provide marketing and branding solutions for legal professionals to enhance their career goals. To accomplish this goal, FHG has developed to raise the visibility of African-American legal professionals and to provide the African-American community with an online portal where they can obtain legal news and information from African-American lawyers. Black contains profiles of African-American lawyers nation-wide for corporate and government legal departments as well as African-American consumers -to search and hire. However, we need to build our database and we need all lawyers, judges, law school professors and law students to join the Black "Professional Network" that allows also provides a private networking tool that includes video chat, private e-mail and more for legal professionals to network share ideas and business develop. If you are a legal professional, then you want to join Black Counselor. FHG has recently partnered with the Minority Corporate Counsel Association (MCCA) - to provide its database of lawyers that will allow over 179 corporate legal departments to search for minority lawyers nation-wide. This alliance is monumental and will afford opportunities to those lawyers in the database to be identified and possibly retained by Fortune 500 corporations. So! Join the HBCU Legal Professionals Group so that you can become a member of the Black Counselor Professional Network. To learn more about the FHG technology solutions for lawyers and business professionals, alike, go to and to sign-up to become a member of Black Counselor, go to To take advantage of the Black Counselor special, first join the HBCU Legal Professionals Group to receive a member coupon. JOIN NOW!
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