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Some Quick, Low-Effort Ways to Improve Focus
by Jason B. Jones We live in distractible times, for bad reasons (cf. the news) and good (cf. Alto’s Odyssey, or the soccer ). It is common from time to time to feel that one’s ability to focus is slipping away. (And focus has certainly been an evergreen topic here at ProfHacker!) Last week, David ‘MacSparky’ Sparks (prior) wrote a post about focus that is both helpful and compassionate. You should definitely read the whole (short!) post, but I wanted to highlight in particular some easy ways to get started. The first is, at least temporarily, to turn off all notifications on your p...
How to Proof Your Paper Like a Pro – 8 Proofreading Tips
I used to work as a proofreader. It wasn’t the most exciting job in the world, but it helped me become proficient at proofreading ads and documents very quickly. Whenever possible, it’s always best to have someone else review your essay. However, it’s not always convenient to get someone to edit your paper at the last minute (when most papers get finished). So here are 8 tips to help you proof your own paper like a professional: 1. Read your paper backward A surefire way to find misspellings is by reading your essay backward to yourself. This makes every word stand out. And th...
Beyond #DeleteFacebook: More Thoughts on Embracing the Social Internet Over Social Media
A Social Transition Last week, I wrote a blog post emphasizing the distinction between the social internet and social media. The former describes the internet’s ability to enable connection, learning, and expression. The latter describes the attempt of a small number of large companies to monetize these capabilities inside walled-garden, monopoly platforms. My argument is that you can embrace the social internet without having to become a “gadget” inside the algorithmic attention economy machinations of the social media conglomerates. As noted previously, I think this is the right answer...
My life philosophy: 49 lessons from 49 years
by J.D. Roth Happy birthday to me! Today I turn 49. Here’s a photo from my third birthday. (I’m tucked just behind Mom, opening a present.) An Early Birthday To celebrate my 49th birthday, I want to share 49 nuggets of wisdom I’ve picked up during my time on this Earth. These are things I’ve found to be true for me — and, I believe, for most other people. (But, as always, remember that each of us is different. What works for me may not work for you.) For obvious reasons, some of these notions overlap with the core tenets of the Get Rich Slowly philosophy. Plus, long-time reader...
The Downside of Doing What You Love
By Dan Schawbel There are countless articles written about the importance of doing what you love and it’s how many of us define success. Most successful people I interview recommend “following your passion”, but there’s a dark side that is never discussed. When you love your work, you may perform better and be happier, but it simultaneously becomes addictive and consuming. You trade work for time spent with family and friends. You decide not to go on vacation or do work on vacation. You avoid being present around others because your mind is still doing work. You become burned out after hou...
Responsible Student Loan Borrowing
Student loans may be good debt because they are an investment in your future, but too much of a good thing can hurt you. Students who graduate with too much debt are often forced to delay “life cycle” events, such as buying a car, getting married, buying a home, having children, saving for their children’s college educations and saving for their own retirement. A May 17, 2012 Pew Research Center report, College Graduation: Weighing the Cost … and the Payoff, found that a quarter of student loan borrowers said that their student loan debt burden affected their career choice and made it hard...
MVSU to host Graduate Expo March 1
Why should you consider an advanced degree? How will you finance your graduate education? What program of study is the best fit for you? For the answer to these questions and many more, attend Mississippi Valley State University’s Graduate Studies Expo to be held from 6-8 p.m. Thursday, March 1,
How to properly store books
by David Caolo Last weekend I donated several books to the local collection box. Most were titles I had lost interest in, and a few were duplicates (don’t ask how I got multiple copies of one book). When I came home I researched how to properly store the books, as I want the keepers to stay in good shape. Here’s what I found. When it comes to storing and preserving books, the two biggest enemies are humidity and pests. Moisture in the air encourages mold growth and that will damage books terribly. Additionally, don’t wrap books in plastic or store them in zipper seal plastic bags, a...
Jobs of the Future: Most Employable Programming Skills
BY ANTON LUCAS Experts widely believe that the demand for programmers is set to witness a dramatic increase over the following decade. While that may sound encouraging to tech professionals, non-technical employees must face the reality of being rendered redundant. This has broad implications for students and recent graduates. It is now more important than ever to develop a basic understanding of programming skills. Consequently, it is imperative for employees to stay abreast with the latest practices and programming languages in their respective industries. If you work as a data scient...
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