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What Iíve Learned in 10 Years of Zen Habits
Unbelievably, this month marks 10 years since I started Zen Habits. Iíve had an amazing decade, and Iíd like to reflect on those years today. Iíve seen so much change in the last 10 years that I canít possibly reflect on all of it. Just a few examples of how my life has changed: -Zen Habits (full story below)
Unbelievably, this month marks 10 years since I started Zen Habits. Iíve had an amazing decade, and Iíd like to reflect on those years today.

Iíve seen so much change in the last 10 years that I canít possibly reflect on all of it.

Just a few examples of how my life has changed:

-Zen Habits became my career. I had a full-time job (and was a freelance writer) when I started the blog in January 2007, with no idea it would change my life. A few months in, I decided that Zen Habits could be my calling, and I went into it full bore. By the end of the year, I quit my day job and never looked back. It has been amazing and gratifying.

-I published numerous books. By the end of 2007, I had my first book deal, and I published the Power of Less in 2008. Iíve also published numerous ebooks (some of which Iíve taken off the market) and self-published the limited-edition Zen Habits book and then Essential Zen Habits. Last year I published several ebooks. Itís one of my favorite things, writing and publishing a book. These past 10 years have made me so happy as a writer and book lover.

-I launched Sea Change and numerous courses. Iíve had the honor of starting my membership program, Sea Change with so many amazing members changing their lives. In addition, I created a number of other video courses (including an upcoming course called Dealing with Struggles). Iíve been so happy to be able to teach this way.

-My kids grew up. When I started the blog, I had kids who ranged in age from under 1 year old to 13. Today, I have three grown kids and one whoís almost 18. Itís been quite a decade watching them turn into their beautiful grown selves.

-I traveled, a lot. When I started the blog, Iíd barely traveled anywhere outside of Guam except the west coast of the U.S. Since then, Iíve traveled all over the world, and itís been an incredible journey so far. I still have a lot of places I want to visit, but I feel awfully lucky to have been able to go where Iíve gone, and meet people from so many cultures.

-I learned a lot about habits and mindfulness. I thought I knew a bit about mindfulness and creating habits, but Iíve learned about a hundred times as much through my own experiments and teaching habits and mindfulness to thousands of others. Iíve written books recently on what Iíve learned.

-I moved from Guam to San Francisco and then Davis. When I started the blog, Iíd never lived anywhere else as an adult but Guam (I lived on the U.S. west coast). But we made the huge move from Guam to San Francisco in 2010 with our six kids, and it was quite an adjustment and learning experience for all of us. We went car-free and explored California. We absolutely loved it, and yet we missed our home and family tremendously. Today we live in Davis, California, completely changed because of our moves.

-Eva & I became vegan. I became vegetarian shortly before starting the blog, and Eva slowly transitioned to vegetarian by 2010. In 2012, we both went fully vegan for ethical reasons (not wanting to participate in animal cruelty) and we have never been happier.

-I made great friends, and lost one. While I had wonderful family and some really good friends on Guam, when I moved to the Bay Area I formed some of my closest friendships. While we no longer live near each other, I still see many of them regularly and I love them with all my heart. One of those friends, Scott Dinsmore, died tragically in 2015, and I miss him dearly. He was a brother to me.

-I lost two fathers, gained some family. My father died in the beginning of 2015, and Evaís father died last month. These were terrible losses for our family. They still hurt to this day. That said, I gained some gorgeous nieces and nephews, and brothers-in-law, and I love them all deeply.

Thatís just the start of the changes, and Iím sure Iím forgetting a bunch of big things. Honestly, Iím a completely different person and my life would be unrecognizable now to my 33-year-old self. Life changes all the time, but for me it has felt like accelerated change.

This has been a decade of growth, loss, learning, fatherhood, loving, service and joy.
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