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Looking for an Awesome Graduate Program in Counseling? Check out Eastern Illinois University!
Eastern Illinois University’s graduate program in Counseling offers two options: the MS in Clinical Mental Health Counseling and the MS in School Counseling (full story below)
Eastern Illinois University’s graduate program in Counseling offers two options: the MS in Clinical Mental Health Counseling and the MS in School Counseling

Practical Experience
Practicum and Internships placements begin in the second semester of coursework. These practical experiences are intended to combine course work with field experience conducted in a setting as similar as possible to that in which you will be seeking employment. The nature of this experience should be very much like that of a regular counseling position, but with intensive supervision both on-site and on-campus. Practicum and Internship sites and supervisors play a pivotal role in helping you begin the transition into your professional identity.

Excellent Faculty
The Counseling and Higher Ed Department at EIU has an outstanding, caring, and accessible faculty composed of individuals who are extensively qualified as instructors and have impressive experience in the field to give you a well-rounded, practical educational experience.

Upon graduation you will be prepared to become a licensed professional counselor (LPC) by taking the National Counseling Examination (NCE) or a certified school counselor by obtaining a Professional Educator license (PEL).

As a CACREP accredited program, students take the NCE exam while in their final year of study, allowing them to graduate from EIU as Licensed professional counselors.

First Choice Status
EIU recognizes the M.S. in Counseling as a program that meets the highest standards of scholarly excellence as documented through sustained achievement.

Research is an important aspect of the program, with an aim for students to display advanced scholarship through their research. Each student in the Counseling program takes a Research Methods course designed to introduce you to qualitative and quantitative methods of research.

Job Placement
Whether it’s getting a professional job, a teaching job, or going on to a Ph.D. program, our students have been very successful after they graduate. Building on significant theoretical and methodological commitment, the graduate program provides the background necessary to be successful in numerous communication-oriented career.

With a strong focus on fostering students’ writing, critical thinking, and program solving skills, we are dedicated to the success of our students in the program and beyond.

Graduate Assistantships
Graduate assistantships are available within the department as well as campus-wide. Students in the Counseling and Higher Education Department are employed in a variety of departments across campus as well as off-campus locations referred to as external graduate assistants.

Paul Ward Scholarship
Professor Paul Ward left a generous endowment to the department which allows us to offer all newly admitted full-time students a scholarship ranging from $2000-$4000.

Eastern Illinois University
Counseling and Higher Education
2202 Buzzard Hall
600 Lincoln Avenue
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