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Are there any AKA's here Posted on 01-18-2003
In Rod We Trust

Hello my name is Pink and I wanted to know what to do if there arent any aka's at your school. Well I attend Lincoln Univ in Pennslyvania and the chapter here is the Epsilon Nu chapter but all the aka's graduated and there are alot of educated females interested in this organization that started all the other ones so what should me and the other female students do to get them back.
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In Rod We Trust replied on 03-07-2003 11:54AM [Reply]
Thank You so much for this information what if this doesnt work, do you think they will give me the information of the past president of AKA at Lincoln? Also I hardly see anyone clean stones once a month whats that about.
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dlharris replied on 03-23-2003 07:37PM [Reply]
Well, they are required by the college to maintain the stones. All sororities and fraternities are. You will be able to get that information from your campus AKA representative. That will be a faculty member on campus. Again, Thanks for your interest.
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replied on 03-23-2003 10:00PM [Reply]
what in the world are stones?
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replied on 04-02-2003 01:40PM [Reply]
DSTdiva99 wrote:
Ladies, must we get roudy! BE EZY God loves all. . .even murderers! :wink:
See, now that's just plain ignorant!! Don't sit on this forum as if DST is not getting sued for doing stupid sh$%. Throwing stones in a glass house....that's all you're doing. I know of a couple girls who have been hospitalized by going through the process of DST, so don't front. What happened in Cali with the AKA's was horrible, and there should definately be legal action, but don't act like your organization doesn't have any dirt.....because you do!! I would hope that incident in Cali will be a rude awakening for ALL black frats/soror, but unfortunately the madness will continue. Maybe it will take for an organization to be permanently eliminated before people realize how serious this is. When will we learn?????
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replied on 04-02-2003 06:44PM [Reply]
Yes that was horrible especially since I am aquainted with the family whose daughter it was. I would hope that that incident will open up the eyes of every Black sorority and fraternity. Hazing is NOT building. It does not show strength or honor. Please remember what you all are supposed to stand for. Sisterhood, Brotherhood, Loyality, Honor, etc. Remember there are people who look up to you all. Be an examples to the younger generations. :cry:
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In Rod We Trust replied on 04-03-2003 12:55AM [Reply]
pASSIN' thru wrote:
Murderers. . . DAYUM :cry: Whcih wanna y'all done **** somebody. . .see thats how erbody business get on the net. Hol up, that was already on the net. My B. I gots luv 4 erbody. Blue black or . . ."brown" :wink: Sike 1luv. . .dey no who dey is! My roomate is, how should I say. . .a brown clown 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) Tenacious Ten Spr. 97 ZL "my blood is blue"
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In Rod We Trust replied on 04-04-2003 12:46AM [Reply]
whats going on with the Zeta's at lincoln university(PA) girls want to pledge but who can they talk too. The chapter there is the Delta Delta chapter.
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In Rod We Trust replied on 04-08-2003 04:02PM [Reply]
i am intrested in pleging, but first how would i go about finding information on different soroities. i don't have know clue. please anyone write back thanks alot
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In Rod We Trust replied on 04-12-2003 06:40PM [Reply]
Hello everyone, Well, let's start with answering the interest in sororities and obtaining information question. First, If you would like to obtain easy access to information about any sororities of your interest, please go to their official websites on the internet, or you may go to a public or school library and ask for the sorority of interest and they will assist you to the section that will have the information. Second, Stones(benches, tables, chairs, fountains, etc.) are the symbols throughout campus that represent an area for each sorority and fraternity on the campus (that will include active and inactive sororities and fraternities on your campus). Third, If a group of people that belong to an organization decide to have those that are involved in an intake process partake or demonstrate negatively, then they are individuals and the SORORITY itself do not and are not the ones that are behind any deaths or accidents. We have had some great misfortunes to associate ourselves with persons that would literally have someone else participate in events that are so dangerous that it take their lives and for persons who want or need to be apart of a social group that they will do anything that is asked of them. I regret that I have been sumed up in a stereotypical thought process with individuals that are careless, heartless, immature, and needless to say EVIL. The family of the young princess that was lost at the hands of brutial and childish miss management is very very disappointing and we apologize sincerely to family, friends, and love ones. I will only say that I would not and did not endure any such accounts during my intake process and wish that a lesson could finally be learned from this for ALL SORORITIES AND FRATERNITIES. GOD BLESS US ALL :!:
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dlharris replied on 04-12-2003 06:42PM [Reply]
My apologies, I signed out when I left this message. I hope it enlightens some people and helps the situation. Thanks.
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