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HBCU's First Annual MC Battle............. Posted on 05-21-2004
In Rod We Trust

Ok......... Only REAL MCs need Apply............ so if U aint nice.......... Dont Even Try it.......... 4 Rounds.......... Now WE Need like 8 People............ And 3 or 4 Judges.......... Whats Good?? Of Course I'm Tha Host.... :twisted: :twisted:
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M o o N i e replied on 08-04-2004 08:51AM [Reply]
it doesnt matter who judge i dont care. anybody .
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blaquezilla replied on 09-01-2004 11:44PM [Reply]
and the winner is Doc with 8, 8, 10, 8 with a total of 34 second place is Dmon with 9, 8, 9, 7.4, and a total of 33.4 third dont count and neither do anything else really, lol. hey the score dont lie you can go back and add it up if you like. hahaha. any way there you have it ladies and gentlemen. Just to put this topic at rest. one
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AggieWarrior from Charlotte, NC replied on 12-21-2004 12:05PM [Reply]

Tya shut it down... and she need to bring her ass back damn it :twisted:
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replied on 02-15-2005 12:54PM [Reply]
Yall still aint started? If not I wanna be a judge!! I would flow for yall but yall look like yall aint playin. I dont know if my rhymes are up to yall level!
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replied on 02-15-2005 01:06PM [Reply]
Hey Gurl do the damn thing!!! Reppin fo all the females out there. Do u even have to go any more rounds...we know who the champ is already!!!!!!!!!
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PrettyYellaBoy from Jackson, MS replied on 03-16-2005 12:54AM [Reply]
Yo count me in this battle......I'm going to battle with christain lyrics though.
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replied on 06-10-2005 04:47PM [Reply]
This n!gga say he got Venom, he just a garden snake Slugs to the rib cage will make him bring back the Harlem Shake I don't listen to "Slow Jamz", I'm not Jamie Foxx Detach ya, lower body in a LA Z Boy, head in an icebox You got a pump, yeah the ones in your sneakers f*cker Not Keenan Ivory Wayans but "I'm Gon Get you Sucker" If you want a thrill n!gga you better get some skis Like a janitor when I was young I had to move those keys See, I didn't have to go the WEST COAST to get a CHOPPER Because I'm hated every place I go like John Rocker If the BOYZ IN THA HOOD sell anything for profit They'll have ya p*ssy a** on the corner with a drag outfit Not G-Unit, but got nothing but G's in my unit Randy Johnson n!gga, girls call me the BIG UNIT Don't start nothing you can't finish, I'm not to be f*cked wit Cuz I'll have a Beretta waiting in ya "Closet...Closet...Closet"
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M o o N i e replied on 07-22-2005 08:58AM [Reply]
yall n*ggas is ass. battle me, i'll rip you a new keyboard.
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replied on 07-22-2005 06:45PM [Reply]
I just read the nonsense that you wrote About me being a rapist and the guns YOU tote Listen scrawny nicca I'll slit your throat The lady saw the homicide, that's Murder She Wrote Yeah, you been talking real bad for awhile But I can you leave you where your body has two smiles One the more obvious the other across the neck f*ck n*gga better give me respect I hate beef when it's raw so I broil my foes I can cut you and leave your forehead looking like the tip of Shell Toes Don't let me impose my beliefs but I was raised in the street The houses didn't have it but the n*ggas had heat If carrying a piece was the only chance of having peace You might walk from some sh!t with everything but your teeth Sh!t you figure cuz you in front of a pc, listening to Eminem cds That your weak a** will never see me? .....
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replied on 07-26-2005 01:06PM [Reply]
Yes, like Jason 5 I revive and regenerate You idiot, my intellligence and flow integrate I been real and for long you been fake So with that I run deep like the Great Lakes But f*cking with me your body can be found in the Great Lakes I'm never scared I'm a mongoose in the midst of you snakes I never claimed to be a rapper, just an urban poet Modern Langston Hughes, I often snooze Listening to your rhymes I'll never lose You making it seem as though I am dumb or scary Sh!t I am alot smarter than sh!t I can carry Bricks, knives, sticks, or even guns Anything that have you breathing three ways Let my temper erupt and puncture your lungs I do this fun, you do this for funds I put this on my unborn daughter, or my future son I'll make it where you won't make it to see 31 I'm a literate n*gga who teach illiterate n*ggas To make figures by using their brain instead of pulling the trigger I must a be a challenge you still responding I never knew a sane person to have conversation with his garbage That I am or I am what I am Or What I am I am Don't make me treat 05' like the Summer of Sam
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