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HBCU's First Annual MC Battle............. Posted on 05-21-2004
In Rod We Trust

Ok......... Only REAL MCs need Apply............ so if U aint nice.......... Dont Even Try it.......... 4 Rounds.......... Now WE Need like 8 People............ And 3 or 4 Judges.......... Whats Good?? Of Course I'm Tha Host.... :twisted: :twisted:
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replied on 09-16-2005 08:22PM [Reply]
Yall all ***es yall should envy me like 50 cent said i'm the mvp biatch biatch shake that monkey but I win
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replied on 09-29-2005 01:43AM [Reply]
i tried to take a hiatus to evade you haters Feeling good like slaves getting dem freedom papers But yet and still I guess I have to instill Some morals in ya'll or put 6 in ya stomach like Grant Hill No way...(laughing) You can't ne truly serious are you eddie murphy cuz you truly Delirious This comedy...and you a stand up Till shots turn you into a sit com and you can't stand up Dude you f*cking with a beast...I'll rip ya a** up Don't get quiet now lil b!tch it's time to man up I'm tired of playing with you I have no remorse for what I can do to you Or will do, what I say or do will be used against you Maybe to detach you or kill you it doesn't matter I'll shank you in the bladder, now you pissing sideways On your side on the pavement, now you Sittin Sideways Dude, please believe since I haven't used the tech Or shot a gun that I won't go cop a tech F*ck the ref n!gga I'ma use the tech nicca It's no sense of prolonging the inevitable This beef here lil nicca ain't edible...Get ya mind right
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replied on 01-11-2006 04:21PM [Reply]
I like that u took the time write back It isn't talent, it's preserverance that u lack You spit your best on this here HBCU But might be mumbling if I see you Might crack your skull if I see you Messing around with me, you'll be in ICU But I'ma get away from all this violence for a minute See I've been in some wars you just played the games I done told you before I don't play with lames You don't even know me but try to assassinate my character Scared of yourself, got a picture of a cartoon character? (<----) I'll let you say what you may cousin u good but to small for the position like Sean May cousin Go ahead with your Dragonball Z daydreams This is real life it ain't hard as it seems I know you sit in your room wishing you could go outside The girl that you like diggin someone who has a nice ride U could kill yourself but no one would realize you dead I'm tired of killing u so do me a favor and Shoot yourself in the head
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venom3384 from Main City, CA replied on 08-02-2006 04:16PM [Reply]
I'll admit, that last one was kinda weak, I was tired. I'll get you, hold on.
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replied on 03-01-2007 09:07AM [Reply]
gotta pay for what? dawg, YOUR raps? if they marketing these... they might as well go shop at payless or a market for fleas maybe they sparkin up trees and i aint hatin in fact im sorta just statin the obvious because you blatenly wack, just statin the facts, annoying like repetitive swells, if ranked from 1-10 on here you would be negative 12 , dawg what the hell, let me just stop and put you outta ya misery then 'stick my middle finger up' just to add 'insult' to injury
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replied on 06-14-2007 09:15AM [Reply]
Im a gangster lil dude yeah f*ck the rumors I spit cancer and all yall catching tumors Ask ya chick if I aint the number one pooner No one in Oklahoma can make ya girl cum Sooner n!ggas scared disguising their voice like T-Pain Cuz they know I don't f*ck with Juveniles like Lil Wayne (laugh) If this lyrical sparring than I'm battling a tree leaf Or better yet Michael Vick versus a Ryan Leaf So high but I dont cheaf, no trees..o no I guess Im the opposite of Sonny Bono I aint blind but I aint even trying to see ya That aint G in ya blood thats gonerrhea I put the money on ya head like striper spreading her legs U must live with them bastards how u be informing the feds
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replied on 06-14-2007 09:19AM [Reply]
Im feeling so cocky put me in a coup Or besides ur dame sitting in a coupe I laugh and despise u bubble gum rappers And how u get used liked bubble gum wrappers No need lie I see it your grill pimpin Im......Im done man....this is sad...I need competition... Sugarfoot, I mean "venom" where u at son?
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venom3384 from Main City, CA replied on 06-18-2007 04:26AM [Reply]
I retired for a minute, but Iím back up in here Making a comeback like Jay-Z, tearing up rap, yea You lack respect but Iím stacking the best flows And Iím taxing that ass an yall passing the check, hoes And I donít mean to confuse you with the multi-syllabical But when youíre back from sabbatical itís only practical To attack with the practical grammatical rap flow And Iím smacking you back, I wish this was a track yo I noticed that you finally learned how to rhyme Cause you double up words when you end every line Itís really clever to rhyme leaf with leaf Almost as hard as learning to walk while you think And I know you still havenít learned to think and talk at the same time Cause that **** you spit couldnít possibly have come from your mind Son grab a book, a dictionary, pretend to be literate Cause right now you write and the **** sounds ignorant I say the word, youíre done, see the red dot on your head? Whatís that? I canít hear you, itís hard to talk with ya mouth full of lead For me, itís hard holding knowledge thatís the weight of the earth And all you have is worthless threats, and thatís all youíre worth While Iím king of the world, like Henry IV Youíre so dumb if you migrated, yo ass would go north Son, canít you see you canít get it with me? Continuing to battle is exercising futility So when it comes down to it, at least Iím smart, itís my ace in the hole And youíll be that one rapper, you know, the one that nobody knows
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replied on 06-21-2007 07:41AM [Reply]
"Your analogies are weak soporific drivel Like a little dog barking, here have some kibble Garbage rappers causing global warming? Why cause theyíre hot? Well then I can be garbage and youíre most certainly not"... Are u serious? Like, really...lmao...come on now...arrrgggghhhh where is the competitive spirit trooper?
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BisonBoy replied on 03-18-2008 08:11AM [Reply]
Literally speakin, i won hands down no compete'in... and n****s get fryed ey (friday) like you waitin for tha weekend... Cant rest nerves got you awake while you sleepin... Only to awake to a wake of ya nieces... Heaters... a crush soul (sole) like sneakers, Cuz i work bars, like that t-pain feature... Jus warmin up....
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