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jesus walks Posted on 05-25-2004

That song is haat. I think Kanye west is my new favorite rapper.
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replied on 06-03-2004 04:30PM [Reply]
TUzAuthentikCHiiQ wrote:
P o e t i q R e i g n wrote:
^^yea, i think he is a bit overrated... the thing is, i know he's talented...but still...there's somethin about him...that has kinda kept me from bein apart of tha "Kanye craze"...i don't know what it is fa one...feels like i don't know what to make of him & his music...like, his messages are so mixed to me...just when i think he tryna make one point, he go and say somethin different that isn't on the same wavelength... i don't know...wish i was feelin him as much as everyone else...but it just ain't happenin' right now....
i see wat u sayin. he's not hip-hop's "savior" as everyone claims. he is aiight tho
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La replied on 06-04-2004 03:04AM [Reply]
I am waiting for the video for this song to come out....that is supposed to be his next video.
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jadekiss replied on 06-05-2004 09:31PM [Reply]
I like Kanye..I don't love him. He accquired fame really quick, even tho he was working hard behind the scences. Now it seems that EVERYBODY wants to do a record with him. That made him really arrogant. You can tell it in his nature. Still a business man and errythang...but a little on the arrogant side now. Yeah Yeah Kanye's fire, but so was Pharell two years ago. It makes him different that he speaks the truth tho. Everybody slept on him on Dream Team's Champions tho. He comes out **** and now everybody is like KANYE!! KANYE!! You wern't trying to listen to him when people was playing the Dream Team CD...why now? Okay that's a rant...ignore me.
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replied on 06-10-2004 05:59PM [Reply]
I admit it is annoying to find hhim in every vide now. I think he is getting arrogant. i saw the commercial for Punk'd for Sunday and he was on it. He tried to run from the cops
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