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SONGZ THAT NEED TA DIE!! Posted on 05-25-2004

P o e t i q R e i g n
Greensboro, NC
aiight...ya'll know we gotta have this thread every now & then... what r some songz out that u r SO TIRED of hearing 'cuz they runnin 'em into tha ground on tha radio and/or everyone u know iz playin 'em too much?!?!? and/or u tired of seein tha video!??! they STILL killin Alicia Keys' joint "If I Ain't Got U" on EVERY station :x :x :x & BET STAYZ playin Usher's "Burn"...i don't even watch that channel like that, but GARE-RONE-TEE, as SOON as i pass by it, i c that burnin bed...or them burnin treez :x :x :x tha radio'z killin D12's "My Band," I'll admit...but i ain't tired of that song just yet
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AggieSweetie07 replied on 05-27-2004 10:24PM [Reply]
all falls down my band jook gal remix (i loved it till i came back up north, on the radio every five min) move your body-Nina Sky naughty girl
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replied on 05-29-2004 11:37AM [Reply]
im gettin tired of dirt off ya shoulder, maybe cuz i got the cd and i played it alot b4 it came on the radio.
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replied on 05-29-2004 04:28PM [Reply]
I agree with all the songs mentioned thus far, and why the hell does MTV still have "Burn" as Spankin New?
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replied on 05-29-2004 07:12PM [Reply]
Usher- Yeah and Burn West's- All falls Down Outkats- Roses...still my bois D12- My Band....makin fun of other singers is gettin old now Beyonce- Naughty Girl- Girl ridin this LP till the wheels fall off Mario- I dont want know- I dont want to know no more about u dog..cryin **** nicca
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oOoDazzlingDanceroOo replied on 05-30-2004 03:10PM [Reply]
Usher-Burn Usher-Confessions Kanye West-All Falls Down Alicia Keys-If I Aint Got You Outkast-Roses Luda-Splash waterfalls Twista-Overnight celebrity man i hate the radio station here.im sick of hearing those songs.
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PhatAggie85 from Fort Washington, MD replied on 05-30-2004 10:39PM [Reply]

P o e t i q R e i g n wrote:
HU-Queen wrote:
on mtv they are always playing roses by outkast :roll:
omg, YES :evil: :evil: :evil: & i haven't even heard that Mase joint yet :?
I think that song kinda dumb...Welcome back welcome back welcome back....dats part of tha song
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La replied on 05-31-2004 03:18AM [Reply]
These videos need to CRASH and BURN.... All Falls Down - Iluv Kanye but this video is PLAYED OUT My Band- Its a wrap for this video...Im tired of it Burn - Its ALWAYS on...tired of heaing and seeing it. Time for Usher to release a 3rd single.... Naught Girl - Beyonce DOES NOT need to release another gotdamn song from her album. Its time for her to put out some new sh*t... :roll: Any damn video from G - UNIT...them n*ggas need to go on like a six month hiatus...They STAY puttin out a new video about every 3 weeks. Im tired of hearing them now. If I Aint Got You - altho I could look at Method Man's fine **** all day...the video is DONE... 99 Problems - It aint been out tha long but Im already tired of seeing it, and Im always tired of having to here those long intros b4 the video can come one cause of that one dumb **** shot scene where Jay Z gets gunned down. :roll:
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oOoDazzlingDanceroOo replied on 05-31-2004 11:56PM [Reply]
Oh, I got more: I Dont Wanna Know-Mario Winans 99 Problems-Jay Dude remix-Beanie Man Monica new song Talk About Our Love-Brandy
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Soundcheck 1898 replied on 06-02-2004 12:11PM [Reply]
If I hear get busy/gimme the light at a club one more time.... i'm fitting to merk a DJ.
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replied on 06-02-2004 12:15PM [Reply]
monkrenny wrote:
If I hear get busy/gimme the light at a club one more time.... i'm fitting to merk a DJ.
OMG, y is that being played?
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