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SONGZ THAT NEED TA DIE!! Posted on 05-25-2004

P o e t i q R e i g n
Greensboro, NC
aiight...ya'll know we gotta have this thread every now & then... what r some songz out that u r SO TIRED of hearing 'cuz they runnin 'em into tha ground on tha radio and/or everyone u know iz playin 'em too much?!?!? and/or u tired of seein tha video!??! they STILL killin Alicia Keys' joint "If I Ain't Got U" on EVERY station :x :x :x & BET STAYZ playin Usher's "Burn"...i don't even watch that channel like that, but GARE-RONE-TEE, as SOON as i pass by it, i c that burnin bed...or them burnin treez :x :x :x tha radio'z killin D12's "My Band," I'll admit...but i ain't tired of that song just yet
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replied on 06-02-2004 12:27PM [Reply]
Aight... most of these are the same as mentioned, but i want these stops to STOP THE MADDNESS!! *Mario Wynans-LORD...make it stop. he doesn't wanna know so keep cheating on his a$$! *Maybe its just me, but every since time i turn on MTV they are playing that Brandy/Kanye joint. its aight and everything, maybe they should just slow its airtime down. (and WHY is ray-j in the video?) *All falls down-I LOVE Kanye but d@mn! *And the video for "What If" by Ruben gets played to DEATH!
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