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Interesting words about women and men Posted on 12-30-2006
Kool 2k6

I agree with you about a man needing to be affirmed and that some women can overlook, over analysis, and always compare the men we are dealing with; but what is so wrong with that? What is so wrong with using the wisdom you gained from your pervious dealings with men to decide whether you should invest time in this interested suitor? I don't think is ever wise to rush into anything, because as quick as you can fall into love, you can fall right out of it. However, I think it is a sign of maturity for anyone not to enter into a relationship, (even if that man or woman is great...), if your not ready for that type of commitment. YOU can't rush people and if your looking more for a WIFE, maybe God is trying to tell you that this person is not (THE ONE). It might be a way of Him protecting YOUR heart. And, every experience with others prepares you for that (ONE); so when the time is right you'll know she it (the one), because she won't have the same actions as the previous women you have dealt with. Don't you DESERVE the BEST?
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replied on 12-30-2006 06:27PM [Reply]
Pretty deep stuff...
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YoungPhenom4TheFuture replied on 12-30-2006 08:58PM [Reply]
Men need to know that their loved ones admire or respect them. The need to know they are needed and powerful to help those they love. That is the purpose of a man.
^^^Definitely agree with this. There is absolutly nothing wrong with a man wanting or needing approval, or praise from his lady.
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