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Thinkin About Transferin To FAMU.....Can You Tell Me About Your Campus?!?! Posted on 02-21-2007

atlanta, GA
Hey yall.....Whats really good?!??! Well let me get str8 to the point.....My name is Melanie, i'm from Brooklyn, New York, i'm currently a Sophomore at Clark Atlanta Unviersity in Atlanta, GA i'm a Criminal Justice major and I plan to TRANSFER to FAMU for my Junior year.....what i need from you all is to tell me a little bit about your school. What is there to do as far as fun?!?, how are the professors/classes?!?!?, what is there to do on campus?!?!, whats the deal on housing?!?!?.....meaning are there on campus housing available?!?!?! i would like to know about your past experiences at FAMU whether you're a Freshmen, Sophomore, Junior, or Senior.....i'm sure someone has their most memorable experience that they can sure with me.......I know it seems like i'm askin for alot but truth is i'm really interested in your school and i think its best for me to get some info from a student's point of view...ya feel me?!?!Basically i would like to know all about the student life over on FAMU's Campus......If you can, can you please get back to me asap or hit me up on MYSPACE......look me up by my email its the easiest way to find me: [EMAIL="MissJones1221@aol.com"]MissJones1221@aol.com[/EMAIL] Thank You........{{Much Love}}
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RJizzle replied on 02-21-2007 10:32AM [Reply]
Hey..I'm lookin to possibly transfer to FAMU in the fall for my junior year as well. I've been doin alotta research on here and on other college review sites and I'll share a lil of what I've learned so far.. Campus Life: Looks like the school is a big party school made up mostly of students who are from the area.. Housing: Students seem to stress and plead for students not to live in the Paddyfoote residence hall..apparently they are very very small..and I read that most upperclass students live off-campus.. Academis: I kno they are supposed to have a really good business school..but I dont kno much about the crim program.. I hope I was able to help a lil..I was able to find out alotta bout all the schools I applied to on here and through the different search engines.. Did you already get accepted to FAMU?..I just completed my application package..are there any other schools u considering? and i just peeped u on myspace
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MiSsATTiTuDe from atlanta, GA replied on 02-21-2007 12:09PM [Reply]

Hey wassup!!!!!!!!! Thanx alot for sharin some info wit me.... it was helpful in alot of ways. i havent started my application process yet i'm lookin right now but FAMU caught my eye...i see you peeped me on myspace...lol
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RJizzle replied on 02-21-2007 12:41PM [Reply]
That's cool..maybe we'll both end up at FAMU in the fall.. You better get on top of the applications tho..deadlines are comin up and its a b*tch tryin to keep everybody on point. Its really different when u go through transfer admissions cuz it seems like noone really cares.. This is my first time having to deal with hbcu administration, but im sure since u got some experience at CAU that u already kno how unorganized they can be.. And how is it down in Atlanta? I applied to Morehouse as well..and like 4 other schools too lol..
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Antonio replied on 02-21-2007 05:29PM [Reply]
What's going on! I am also thinking about transferring to Famu in the fall. I was trying to decide if I wanted to go to Clark or Famu, but I always wanted to go to Famu, and plus I hear they have a good business school. I hear that the Palmetto apartments are the best ones to stay in because thats where most of the good parties be at. Do you guys know when the deadline is because I still have to send my application in? I can be reached on myspace as well. I can be found by my email [EMAIL="jerold_landa@hotmail.com"]jerold_landa@hotmail.com[/EMAIL].
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RJizzle replied on 02-22-2007 09:14AM [Reply]
The Fall deadline for FAMU is May 15. What school you transferring from antonio?
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Antonio replied on 02-22-2007 09:03PM [Reply]
I'm transferring from Prairie State College. It's a community college on the southside of Chicago. Where are you transferring from?
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RJizzle replied on 02-23-2007 08:18AM [Reply]
Central Connecticut State University..in New Britain, CT (15 mins from Hartford). I've been in CT since kindergarten and I'm thinkin I may have done all that I can do here..
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replied on 03-14-2007 03:56PM [Reply]
The Foote gets a bad name because the dorms are so small. Surprisingly, they're cleaner than the other dorms - at least, the girls' dorms are. I noticed that there's a bigger feel of "community" there as well, and they're closet to the Cafe. Plus, you can always pick up a game a spades, day or night. I can't say that Paddyfoote would've been my dorm of choice. Size aside, however, they're as good as any other. The on-campus apartments are a whole 'nother story, though. Unless you're just that hard up for money, save up some cash and get a real apartment.
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Antonio replied on 03-14-2007 04:22PM [Reply]
What's up Jennifer! Could you tell me about the apartments on campus, I see you mentioned that it's better to get an off campus apartment, but I will be new at Famu and I want to stay on campus for the first year because I don't know anyone down there, and I think it will be a good way to meet people.
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