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Using the Internet to boost your Self-Esteem! Posted on 05-30-2004
P Harrell

Nino Brown wrote:
I've noticed since I been on HBCU that some people be using the site to boost their confidence...It's rather funny to be honest...Like for example, let's say that we have a post about you likes who and someone name isn't mentioned...Someone is guaranteed to say... "No one likes me"...."No one loves me"..."Can I get some love too?"... To me that is like asking for sympathy for not being liked...It's pathetic too...Another thing I have noticed is some people actually asking do people think they're cute or fine...Once again it is funny because damn..Even though people may reply that you are cute, have you thought about all the people that did not reply that think you are ****.... I just believe that some people on here use the site to boost their confidence (self-esteem) and it's rather pathetic...Corny even.... My question is how do you all feel about this? Is it just me that be laughing my **** off when this sort of Shiiiiiiiyiiiit happens? Maybe there is a logical explanation for all of this, maybe a person that has done such things could help me understand! As for now...I just think it is pathetic...
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replied on 05-31-2004 01:36AM [Reply]
reabea82 wrote:
Nino Brown wrote:
Even though people may reply that you are cute, have you thought about all the people that did not reply that think you are ****....
This part I somewhat disagree with because there are some people's threads I didn't post on but I thought they were pretty or handsome. I'm just lazy... :roll: but the rest of the post I agree with.
complete cosigns...i am pretty lazy, got a lot to say, just not enough energy to express my thoughts..AHHH WELL!
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A'Kaye47 from Dover, DE replied on 05-31-2004 02:05AM [Reply]

cafe-aulait wrote:
Who cares? Worry bout yoself an errthing will be cool....
****....riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight.....Is it just me or.....does THIS post seem to be a slight "cry for attention" on the LOW LOW :? ...STOP!....THINK ABOUT IT!!!!
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GaPeAcH replied on 05-31-2004 07:26AM [Reply]
"PimpTight™" wrote:
Nino u know I agree....reppin for the 989.....but lets talk bout how people say that other people pics are cute.....When they are not :evil: ........ Every Male amd Female on her is not cute, fine or a dime..... I mean u dont have to mean and say how u really feel...... but dont cosign and lie.....just to make them feel good......cuz somebody is gon get they confidence boosted on here and think they the sh*t......when they really not. .......but if they really fine, or cute.... let em know.....if they aint...just keep it too urself....
In conclusion, people take stuff on this board too damn seriously.
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AfroPoeticSista replied on 05-31-2004 10:06AM [Reply]
i been thinkin the same thing for awhile, wit all these who would u get wit threads & how people are so quick to "argue". itz the INTERNET, get off the computer before you get carpal tunnle syndrome or somethin :roll:
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AggieWarrior from Charlotte, NC replied on 05-31-2004 01:36PM [Reply]

i wrote a book on this topic... but my computer was trippin... but i'm just gonna say i feel ya on what your sayin, but in my case, i'm gonna say that i don't need this thing for self-esteem boost... i'm the same person on and off the net.. i'm one to have fun, and in the street i'd prolly say somethin like "i gets no love, or i see how it is", i say it all in good fun... i like to entertain people, and help people as well, and if someone knows me off of here, they'll tell you the same thing... i see all these people say that they're two different personalites on and off the net... why? if you're some big bad **** on the net, tryna put people down... why not be that in the street... some people do need to go ahead and find themselves... :? all you have to do is remember that no matter where you go, on the net or in the street, not everyone is gonna like you... there's always gonna be hate and envy whereever you go... you just gotta forget about it, and move on...you let a person or two run your life, especially on here... you need counseling quick...
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RosieKisses from QUEENS, NY replied on 05-31-2004 01:50PM [Reply]

ECHO wrote:
lol hell yea, i been knowing this lol ish is hilarious i've been trying to tell everyone, but nobody ever listens to me :cry: :cry: :cry: lol sorry i just had to do that lol
I listen to ya ECHO...I LISTEN TO YA DAMMN IT!
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RosieKisses from QUEENS, NY replied on 05-31-2004 03:09PM [Reply]

err umm, everyone's saying people get their confidence boosted when someone gives them a compliment..or get hurt when someone says something negative, but WHO ARE THESE "PEOPLE" we're talking about?? I mean, the only person that I know kinda took it personal was *sweetie* ..so who are these other people yall are talking about?? sh*t i wanna know... i wonder if anyone knows :?
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replied on 05-31-2004 03:25PM [Reply]
^^^ I was just responding in general, but I guess I missed out on a few things these past couple days...I guess.
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Afro-American replied on 05-31-2004 03:52PM [Reply]
now i didnt want to say anything, but if yall negroes truly didnt care...WHY DO YALL STILL KEEP MAKING :!: and responding to THESE DAMN"POPULAR-UNPOPULAR, I WOULD HIT IT, I WOULD NOT HIT IT POSTS"...and if ya didnt care this topic and the others would not be 3+ freaking pages along with yall's insignificant cosigning and "dittos" and "riggghhhttt, i totally agree"...... so hey, here's a thought, how bout we actually dont make and/or RESPOND to topics on hbcu-central that you people "truly dont care about"...since superlatives have been over since highschool.... AND since yall have all agreed that "you could give a damn about what so and so does"..AND MAKE and respond to topics that actually require more thinking power than 2 cells from the brain ive been on both the unpopular and popular lists and I could give a damn either way lol...its not like any of yall are god and gonna ruin or make my day :lol:
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*J.O.* from East Orange, NJ replied on 05-31-2004 04:29PM [Reply]

People really do live double lives with the net. its nice 2 be seen as popular or cute or whatever, but then again being unpopular or not looked at as cute should not have u upset looking for luv. everybody does (or should) have a life seperate from hbcu.
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