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She Got $100,000 In Scholarship Money, You Can Too!!!!!!!! Posted on 03-06-2007

Shayla got $100,000 in college money doing essays like the ones posted! Come on family, we gotta stop taking out loans for school and work this simple time-management strategy! You got a sistah trying to put money in your pocket. So, she wrote a book that she doesn't even want you to get unless you are SERIOUS about getting PAID for school. Check out her interview. Ask some questions if you have some. Use the tips. If you start working the process, get the book for the indepth stuff. She is an HBCU student on the road to graduation RIGHT NOW LEADING THE WAY... Shalya is making herself available to us this week, so if you post this week, she's looking out. If you post next month, may not be so lucky. Check this out and... Holla Back! Title of Book: “The Scholarship Search: A Guide to Winning Free Money for College and More” Where to buy it: Any major bookstore and go to www.shaylaprice.com for a list of online stores 1. So, many of us plan to get some money for college. Just about every college student checks out the college money big book from the library, with the best of intentions, and four years later has a pile of student loans STILL. What made your situation different? -I did not procrastinate! Most students do have their best intentions in mind; however, as students, we sometimes get bogged down with coursework, extracurricular activities, and other things. I encourage students to make the scholarship process a habit. Take some time every day to devote to your search. That’s the only way you can stay committed to yourself and your college education. 2. Let's not kid ourselves, we are all jaded by the "anybody can do it line" seriously Shayla, give me about five things we MUST have or be willing to do in order to make this work for ourselves? -1. Time/Effort – Students must be willing to put in the time and effort to search and apply for scholarships. Free money will not just jump into students’ lap. Therefore, students have to dedicate themselves to the scholarship process. 2. Ask for Help – Students sometimes like to do everything by themselves. The scholarship process is not one of those do-it-myself activities. Students must be willing to ask for help when it comes to their weaknesses, which may include writing. 3. Patience – Students must have patience with themselves and others in the scholarship process. Do not expect to send an application today and get a response two weeks later. Plus, do not plan to have a recommendation letter ready for a particular date before talking to your recommender. 4. Resources – Students must be willing to use all their resources when it comes to the scholarship process. Utilize your school, library, and local organizations. Contact local companies and find out if they offer scholarships to students. 5. Focus – Students should give the scholarship process an ample amount of attention. Follow directions. Reread the requirements. Put the application in numerical order. Students are always forgetting these simple steps. So, stay focused! 3. Got any tips for a winning essay? -The essay is one of the most important parts of the scholarship application. Two of the best winning essay tips are to follow directions and to personalize your essay. Students have trouble giving scholarship committees what they ask. Read and reread the essay question until you understand it completely, and answer it in its entirety. In addition, students must create their own unique story. Every person is different; so you have your story inside of you. You need to portray it in writing to allow scholarship panelists to understand your strengths and passions. 4. How do we pace ourselves as not to get so burned out on trying to get more money, that the grades start slippin from lack of study... -Time management is a term you will always need to remember. Students need to understand that their academics will always come first. Then, they can start searching for scholarships like a maniac! The best process is to always stay ahead. For example, I completed my scholarship applications a month before they were due. This way, the scholarship application would arrive on time and I would not have to rush at the last minute. Find your own schedule or process and stick to it! 5. What two or three things can we do TODAY to get started? -The first thing you can do today is to sign up with a scholarship database, like fastweb.com and scholarships.com. These sites allow students to fill out a profile that will be matched with scholarships available within the year. Secondly, select the scholarships you can apply for in the next few months. Give yourself ample time to read their requirements, and start writing your essay and acquiring your letters of recommendations. Lastly, get help as soon as possible. Some students hit a glitch in the scholarship process and get discouraged quickly. So, they just give up. Get help from your teachers or guidance counselors. 6. Great, now I know we're just skimming the surface of what you have to offer. What exactly can the book tell us? -The Scholarship Search discusses how to prepare for the college and scholarship process. Students will learn about writing a resume, asking for recommendation letters, and tracking scholarship deadlines. Students will get a great foundation on the scholarship search and will be prepared to get free money for college. Through my story, they will also get inspired to really seek for scholarships for their college education. 7. Obviously it can be done without the book cause you went out there and got PAID, so how is it most helpful in navigating all the information out there. - I always get someone who asks, “Why should I buy the book when you found money without it?” My response is that I never asked anyone how to search for scholarships; I just did it. When you ask for help, you need assistance of some kind. Therefore, The Scholarship Search is your personal guide to helping you prepare for the scholarship process. 8. I know I got three books when I started grad school, and I was so tired of going through scholarships that didn't apply to me, but the time I got to the couple that did, I decided the time was too much of a sacrifice to keep up every semester. Did you experience that in your search? Have you heard that complaint? Was it part of the void you filled with your book? -Yes, I have heard that complaint over and over again, and I have also located scholarships that did not apply to me. Bluntly said, there are several scholarships for you and there are several scholarships for you. Once you say “the time was too much of a sacrifice,” you are automatically committing to failure. Would you rather “sacrifice” your credit for the next 10 to 20 years and take out student loans? You have to think about what you are saying. In my book, I familiarize you with the scholarship process and provide you with tips. Right now, I am creating a website geared to providing up-to-date available scholarships and I will provide coaching for anyone who needs assistance. 9. Did you do your scholarship search all at once, or over the course of your college career? -I did my scholarship search over a course of two years, during my junior and senior year of high school. I remember staying up late to writing essays, organizing the applications, and locating scholarships online. It was hard work, but I knew I had to do it. Other information: In a couple of months, I will be launching CareerVoices.com. The site will be dedicated to helping people prepare for the college and career process. I will have articles available about college admissions, scholarships, careers, and money management. The site will provide access to coaching, teleconferences, and additional resources. I’m really excited about CareerVoices.com because the site will be a virtual guidance counselor/career services office. So, please stay tune for CareerVoices.com.
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shayla2004 from Thibodaux, LA replied on 03-09-2007 10:39AM [Reply]
Hello, everyone! Thank you HBCUConnect for the great interview. If any students need help or have questions about the scholarship process, please feel free to post your questions on this board. The scholarship search can be hectic sometimes, and I want to help you as much as possible. So, leave me a note! Hope to hear from y'all soon! Shayla Price Scholarship/Career Prep Expert www.shaylaprice.com
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jpbray replied on 03-11-2007 03:47PM [Reply]
Shayla, You talked about the essay a little. I am on fastweb and if I see an easy essay, like the ones on this site, I will take a minute and complete it. I figure what's 30 minutes to answer a question when I could get $500. So I did three or four of these thinking I was a good writer, tallying up my money, and I didn't win ANY! Where did I go wrong? How could I work that better?
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jpbray replied on 03-11-2007 03:50PM [Reply]
How much is the book?
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YoungPhenom4TheFuture replied on 03-11-2007 09:31PM [Reply]
Oh wow...this is great. Hi Shayla, my name is Jennifer and I'm definitely focused on finding scholarships. Would you advise filling out a few of the scholarships that pay more, or more of the scholarships that pay less, but are easier to do? Are there any in particular that have helped you pay for your college education that you'd reccomend?
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tigerlady80 replied on 03-11-2007 09:42PM [Reply]
this is great. I am really big on applying for scholarships, I do make the time to search and complete applications but I am really at the beginning of the process. I have not found anyone to be a mentor or advisor, my instructors all seem a little impersonal...how do I approach people for help?
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shayla2004 from Thibodaux, LA replied on 03-12-2007 11:53PM [Reply]
jpbray, Great questions! "The Scholarship Search" book costs $9.95. You can check out www.shaylaprice.com for links to buy the book online, or you can go to any major bookstore in your local area. As for the essay writing portion of the scholarship process, I would recommend dedicating more time to writing and editing the essays. You must understand that these essays are sometimes the only impression you will have on the judges. Therefore, your first impression must be the best of the best. Many people go wrong in the scholarship process when they believe they are "good writers." You may be a great writer when it comes to poetry, fiction, etc. However, are you a great writer for the scholarship process? If you continue to get negative results in the scholarship process, it may be your writing. So, what's the solution? GET HELP! Whether it be a teacher, guidance counselor, church member, or a friend with good writing skills from a different perspective, reach out for assistance. These people can give you a true insight about your writing. In the very near future, I will be introducing CareerVoices.com and the site will offer low-cost, professional help for writing essays, resumes, cover letters, recommendation letters, and much more! Thanks, Shayla Price Scholarship/Career Prep Expert www.shaylaprice.com
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shayla2004 from Thibodaux, LA replied on 03-13-2007 12:27AM [Reply]
YoungPhenom4TheFuture, Nice to hear from you! You should apply for any scholarship you are eligible for; it does not matter whether the amount of the scholarship is $100 or $20,000. Money adds up. So, any scholarships, small or big, will lessen your financial burden for your college education. I would recommend applying for the Gates Millenium Scholars Program, Toyota Community Scholars Program, and the USA Funds Access to Education Scholarship. Look out for my new interactive site CareerVoices.com. I will have scholarship resources listed and tips to help you with the scholarship process. I hope that helps! Shayla Price Scholarship/Career Prep Expert www.shaylaprice.com
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shayla2004 from Thibodaux, LA replied on 03-13-2007 12:53AM [Reply]
tigerlady80, Networking is so important in the scholarship process and life! In order to break the "impersonal" awkwardness, I would begin by setting up appointments with your instructors. This way you have their undivided attention. Start off by telling your instructors your college plans, your proposed major, your current search for money, etc. You want to establish a relationship, so give them information about yourself and listen to their responses. In addition, you should have a tentative list of what you need to ask your instructor. Do you need a recommendation letter? Do you need help looking for local scholarships? Can they refer you to someone with a specific expertise? All this is preparation for a productive meeting. Lastly, just be yourself! We are all human, so we all have a common ground. Coming soon is CareerVoices.com. The site will be able to give you additional tips about networking and be your "virtual" mentor in the scholarship search. Thanks, Shayla Price Scholarship/Career Prep Expert www.shaylaprice.com
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shayla2004 from Thibodaux, LA replied on 03-16-2007 06:14PM [Reply]
Hello, HBCUConnect Members! I hope everyone is striving to achieve their very best. I wanted to introduce everyone to my new venture to help students accomplish success in preparation for college, scholarships, and careers. I am starting a new site called Career Voices. CV is an interactive site coming soon at www.careervoices.com. The site will be your official one-stop shop to learn about preparing for college, earning scholarships, and starting your career. In the meantime, I encourage you to check out Career Voices’ message board at http://careervoices.informe.com/ You will find scholarship and career advice and learn more about the upcoming site. Upcoming Events “Chase Your Dreams” Scholarship Apply for a $500 scholarship to attend the college of your dreams. Low-Cost E-Help Get help with your resumes, cover letters, and essays via email. Easy and low cost! Career Voices’ Scholarship Tele-Party Sign up to learn 7 Tips to Outshine the Competition in Your College Scholarship Search. Career Voices' Radio Show Career Voices has its own Blog Talk Radio Show! Find out how you can call-in to the show. Go to http://careervoices.informe.com/ to find out more! Shayla Price Scholarship/Career Prep Expert [EMAIL="info@careervoices.com"]info@careervoices.com[/EMAIL]
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