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The BOY AKA's...8 degrees of pearlfection Posted on 03-08-2007

Thats a lil crazy. The world has surly changed since my mama went over. She's a delta but she still couldnt believe what was happening. I had to Google it to find out. I mean what made them come out like this? Its disrespectful to AKA's.
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Pinkz replied on 03-11-2007 05:55AM [Reply]
There is no such thing as "Boy AKAs", there is such a thing, however, as wannabees and perps. I am so tired of hearing about this issue...as I am sure the ladies of AKA are as well.
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PrimeTime1919 replied on 03-13-2007 12:05AM [Reply]
I refuse to believe this. No. I won't.
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RJizzle replied on 03-13-2007 10:28AM [Reply]
wow! Wow! Wow!!!!
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replied on 03-14-2007 04:14PM [Reply]
To me, it's baffling. Either you're a member of an organization or you're not. There are no male AKAs, so these cats fall into the "not" column. I'm not a Greek, but I do know what it's like to have your group or organization misappropriated. Because of the TV show "JAG", you have a lot of soldiers who like to claim JAG Corps and wear our crests on their uniforms. It drives me crazy. We worked like hell to have the right to wear those crests, and most of us still have the one that we were issued after Last Trial. And that's just a fraction of the preps. There are men walking around with tridents on their chests, claiming to be a Navy SEAL, for example, and those fools haven't stepped foot on a ship. I think anyone who is a member of an organization - Greek or not - can sympathize. You don't wear someone else's 'nelia, ever. Still, I get the impression that these guys didn't do this on their own. They HAD to have some help, probably from some jaded wannabes who dropped line. I just wonder what their point is. So they want to be AKAs? Sorry, fellas, but AKA is for women. Life ain't fair, so deal.
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XP1988 replied on 03-14-2007 07:52PM [Reply]
This topic is old now...lol. I just look at em, shrug my shoulders and move along. The real AKAs will deal with them accordingly
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KärolinaPläyboy from charlotte, NC replied on 03-15-2007 12:44PM [Reply]
but i bet there are some sororities that are jockin their masks right about now
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ManifestDSTiny33 replied on 03-27-2007 07:43PM [Reply]
lol... the masks were very well done... I must admit.
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