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How do u feel about J-kwon? Posted on 06-01-2004

Is it just me or is j-kwon's teeth F***UP!!!!!
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Kismet_TNT replied on 07-17-2004 09:28AM [Reply]
J-Kwon is a **** something.
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replied on 07-17-2004 02:44PM [Reply]
He is atrocious .......
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TBl0ck from Hillside, NJ replied on 07-17-2004 07:05PM [Reply]
BellaMocha wrote:
J-Kwon?? J-Clown. Look like he got Jagged Edge singing in his mouth... ::looking around:::: get it? Heh? Heh? Jagged Edge... :lol: hahaha!! ::sigh::: :evil: * :x Goes back to the batcave to rethink her statement :x *
LOL :lol: I get it :roll: Runs to the batcave to help you rethink :roll:
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replied on 07-21-2004 07:06PM [Reply]
J-Kwon... is FUGLY!!! If he was walkin down the street and tried to talk to me...I'd prolly tell him i was 12 yrs old... His TEETH!!!! WUUUTTT!!! They look like the doin the Cha-Cha slide!!!! Slide to the left...Turn it out!!!
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