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Progressive Campaign Boot Camp -- 60 all-expenses-paid spots avail. Posted on 04-23-2007

If you' re interested in getting into progressive politics and/or working on a 2008 campaign, you may want to apply for the New Organizing Institute Summer Campaign Boot Camp. Unlike other political campaign training programs, NOI focuses on new types of grassroots organizing and fundraising made possible by technology and the Internet. This program is highly competitive, but accepted participants receive a FULL SCHOLARSHIP for a an all-expenses-paid week of intensive training -- including housing, travel and meals. NOI alums have a great reputation in this growing field, and the alum network is bound to be a great resource as you start your career. The NOI provides mentoring and assistance in landing a job on campaigns or in progressive organizations. More info and the link to apply, below. --- NOI Summer Campaign Boot Camp Graduating this spring? Want to work in progressive politics? Hoping to get on a 2008 campaign? The NOI's Summer Campaign Boot Camp might be for you. Qualified applicants receive a week-long ALL EXPENSES PAID training in the nation's capital, from top experts in the field. Apply by April 30. At NOI's Summer Campaign Boot Camp, you'll spend one intensive week learning the fundamentals of traditional political campaigning... plus how to leverage technology to maximize a campaign's fundraising and organizing potential. During the day, you'll learn from Dean, Kerry, Clark, Lamont, and MoveOn alums; leaders from current presidential campaigns; experts in voter files, micro-targeting, paid advertising, and earned media; top bloggers and respected authors; and experienced professionals working in this field. In the evening, you'll work in teams to put the lessons of the day to work on a mock campaign. By the time you leave, you'll be ready to go work for a progressive campaign or organization. As an NOI alum, you'll have instant access to dozens of exciting opportunities in this field, and a permanent network to lean on for career support and strategic advice. Admission is highly competitive. All expenses (including meals and accommodations) are paid. Don't miss out. Apply today. APPLICATION DEADLINE: April 30, 2007 TRAINING DATES: July 1-8, 2007

P.S. Don't take it from us. Here's what a few of last year's NOI alums had to say: "I feel informed and awakened. Before NOI I was participating in a world which relies on online organizing, and was even doing some of this organizing myself. But, I didn't get it. I didn't understand the concept of blogs and building a larger e-mail list. Now I know what is going on when I receive an e-mail asking me to take a certain action or tell a friend. Theory and practice are one and I am ready to take on the world... the final test of NOI will be seeing how much it helps me in finding a job and launching a career. On this front the great NOI crew is showing their dedication to the participants by continuing to work for us in pointing us in the direction of eager employers." - Weldon Kennedy, ONE Campaign (former DSCC)

"It was an incredibly rich experience that I will never forget. It will undoubtedly turn out to be a major turning point in my career, both as an online organizer and as an activist engaged in the struggle to rescue our nation. At NOI, I learned a tremendous amount about both online organizing and traditional campaign tactics and strategies... when it comes to online organizing, there's no other place in the world where you could get such rich opportunities to meet and learn from the top innovators in the country." - Ian Kim, Ella Baker Center for Human Rights

"NOI introduced me to the concepts of content management and constituent relationship management, which are central to the training, strategy, and development work I do now. It also helped me begin thinking about how online organizing fits into overall campaign strategy. I should say too that NOI introduced me to a network of friends, mentors, and colleagues who are invaluable to me now. In fact, relationships from NOI helped me get my position at the League, which has been a wonderful fit. I can't say enough how grateful I am for the week I spent in D.C. with the NOI." - Kip Williams, League of Young Voters

"This program can help make a difference for Democratic candidates and campaigns, as well as progressive organizations. NOI gives their trainees the tools they need to lead cutting-edge campaigns with technology. On top of that, the relationships cultivated throughout this program will help knit together the world of online and offline campaigning for the benefit of all. The sky is the limit, thanks to the dedication of Zack and team." - Laura Packard, Internet Communications Director, Sen. Debbie Stabenow for Senate

"The New Organizing Institute was an incredible convergence of talented and deeply committed individuals - both participants and trainers - around the notion that there is still much to learn about harnessing emerging and existing communication tools for the purpose of mass organization... I don't think a single participant left without feeling like they had been party to something innovative and important." - Elijah Zarlin, Ted Strickland For Governor Apply today.
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