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I'm a freshman... I'll be attending FAMU in the fall. [ just some quick questions ] Posted on 05-03-2007

Loxahatchee, FL
where do/can you hang out with your man? [ if you have one? ] I've been hearing things about the "library" and "empty classrooms"!? I'm not like that but it'll be something to laugh at though . I'll be living in the on-campus all girls dorms and my bestfriend/man will be going there with me. I'm confused as to where we can chill. are there any GOOD barbershops nearby? I just went from fro to faux a month agoand I need someone to line a me up every now and then inexpensively! whats the shopping scene like? I'm a new york girl--I'm all about my bargains! are the class sizes really as big as they say they are? some say they are some say they aren't... anyone in Mag Journalism? That's another topic all to itself! I probably seem so naive right now but this is a big step for me... One that I want to take the RIGHT way! [ baldyLOX ]
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The Joker from Chicago, IL replied on 05-04-2007 07:14PM [Reply]

lol I guess... You can kick it with whoever practically anywhere you want. The "set" is where a lot of people just go to kick it and be seen. There is alot of seats engraved in stone in front of the library and around the Eternal Flame that I see alot of couples using in the evening and at night. Behind the library is a nice lil forest like place with benches that's real quiet and "romantic". And there is not a cerfew at FAMU, take it how you want lol There are ALOT of students on campus that do/cut hair on campus. There is a barbershop in the courtyard called that Rattler's Edge. There's a barbershop on Adams across the street from a Walgreens and the people are pretty friendly. There's another barbershop on Adams called Clippers. There's a mall not to far from campus but I haven't made much use of it myself. The class sizes range from around 15 to about 130 people. It all depends on the class you take and the time the class starts
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Deuce_214 from Tallahassee, FL replied on 06-01-2007 07:41AM [Reply]

Trust me you are not being naive, that is the mistake most freshman make, they don't ask enough questions. There are a lot of people from the NY, PA, NJ area at FAMU. Are you coming to TOPS this summer? If so, then there will be a lot of students, including myself, that will be at the social that night from SGA to manyh of the campus organizations.
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