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Poem I had to do for class... Posted on 05-04-2007

Mistakes Perhaps our mistakes are what make our fate. Maybe it didn’t work and Prince Charming wasn’t her soul mate? Because without mistakes, what would shape our lives? From the misfortunes of curious cats down to those of desperate house wives. You see, no one ever means to purposely fall in love Nor is it something they intend to fall out of. Gazing out, resting Rapunzel like elbows on window sills; Palms’ crushing chins trying to hold on to the hope it instills. Hopelessly addicted to the idea of being addicted To someone, exhaling the ovation of which we have shared. Moving through life under dimmed lights and self-deception. Stamps on passports of pass loves and misconceptions. Mouths whispering secrets in ears you thought only you knew. Hoping this universe doesn’t look past or worse, regret you. Chasing dreams through fields of amber waves under cloudy skies With aching hearts and stomachs never settling for less…then butterflies.
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jaymb7! from Columbus, OH replied on 05-10-2007 12:42PM [Reply]

Your poem is beautiful!!
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2Dolce4Gabbana replied on 05-10-2007 08:37PM [Reply]
Lol thank you, my teacher felt my lines were "too long" so she gave me a B, but im still proud of it.
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