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Ok I Got Questions.... Posted on 05-20-2007

i really want to go to Morris Brown or Clark Atlanta... i currently attend a charter highschool called Highschool For Recording Arts in minnesota. before i went to this school i went to a tradtional college and i didn't really get good grades but at my new school i've gotten all A's and B's do you think i should apply to these colleges with the transcripts i have or go to a community college first and try to transfer?? i haven't taken the SAT or ACT but i will this summer...
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Fe Baby replied on 05-20-2007 09:31PM [Reply]
Hey whassup. Well as far as Clark Atlanta my home girl just got accepted there and her GPA was only a 2.9 (weighted) and she got a 19 on the ACT. If you're anywhere near or above that I'd say you str8. Morris Brown... I think they're still closed down, I'm not sure... you might have check into that. Hope I helped you out.
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iluv_me from Atlanta, GA replied on 05-24-2007 10:48AM [Reply]

Morris College is really easy to get into, and as long as your essay with Clark is strong and you have at least an 18 at clark you'll be straight.
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