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HBCU Recruiting in HS Posted on 08-25-2003

Rosedale, MD
Did your high school have opportunities for you to see HBCU's when you were making your college choices? I know that at my HS, HBCU's didn't get much publicity. Despite the fact that I went to a mostly White high school, I would have expected to see more... I mean, we had several recruiters from other local colleges come to talk to students and give presentations but none were HBCU's. I actually was put on to the idea of going to a Black college by my family. Most of the Black students I went to school with ended up going to PWI's, and I considered it as well. What do you think about HBCU's getting exposure at the high school level? [/color=red] Holla!
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soewhat replied on 08-26-2003 01:55AM [Reply]
My high school was 30% Hispanic/25% Black/20% White/15% Asian/East Indian/10% Whatever else (usually foreign exchange African or South American students...) HBCU's didn't bother with us, I suppose because their weren't enough black students....Also, it was an advanced high school, so instead of Howard, we got Harvard (of which I would have been too stupid to even hold an application, even with Affirmative Action :lol: ) in the end, most of the people from my high school either went to community college or didn't go to college at all (the case of too much pressure to be at the top of a top school)...the only reason I went to an HBCU is because people pressured me to take advantage of the opportunity....
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Wannaget2Howard04 replied on 08-26-2003 08:04AM [Reply]
Although my school is 59% black, we don't get a lot of information about HBCU's. When we have college fairs or meetings with the conselor they almost never include HBCU's. :x The only reason I am appling to an HBCU is because of my own research of them. Most teachors or counselors in my school always ask why I want to go to Howard. They always ask why not Georgetown or some other PWI. They never really have information on HBCU's. But they never got any either so maybe HBCU's aren't really putting themselves out there.
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replied on 08-27-2003 08:02PM [Reply]
My highschool was 94% black and we received visitors from HBCUs as well as other schools. Our guidance counselors even had trade school, culinary schools, and community colleges to come in. They also hosted a college fair on campus and we had to attend a mandatory college fair at PG Community College.
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oes_princess from Charlotte, NC replied on 08-30-2003 10:24PM [Reply]

attending a HBCU is one of the best things a student can do to further his or her education. i have always appreciated the education i received from Johnson C Smith Univ and am very pleased with my daughter's attendance at NC A & T State Univ. my Eastern Star Chapter is sponsoring a bus tour of HBCUs in Feb 2004. the schools we are visiting will be: JCSU, Barber Scotia, NC A & T SU, NC Central, Va State, UMES, & Howard Univ. if there are any grads or current students of these schools that would be willing to assist to show these students the richness of HBCUs, please contact me at 704-299-1331 or e mail me at oes_princess@yahoo.com. :lol:
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La replied on 09-01-2003 10:14AM [Reply]
My high school is predominantly black, but my guidance counselor didnt have no black colleges come to my school to give out information and what not. It was all white schools. But the principal of my high school graduated from a black college, so every year studens who were interested in black colleges had an opportunity to go on a black college tour for a week down south. I got to visit like 6 or 7 schools on the tour. That is how I got turned into wanting to attend a black college. I knew of black colleges, but I didnt know much about them. I started looking into them my sophmore year of high school, and my junior year I went on the tour. After that I knew I definitely wanted to attend a black school.
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SkegeeDyme08 from Stone Mountain and Thomson, GA replied on 09-01-2003 02:52PM [Reply]

My school is like 48% black and the only way that we learn about HBCU's is going to college night and visiting websites. :roll: I really got interested in HBCU's like two years ago when I went on a Black College Tour and I got to see how the closeness is at Black Colleges. Before the trip it was like I wanted to go to PWC's because I really didn't know the true experience that a black college can offer. I guess I will be able to feel that experience next year in Aug. :lol:
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TheFORCE replied on 09-05-2003 10:31PM [Reply]
Well, my high school was about 63% black, and we were exposed to a wide variety of schools. My principal went to an HBCU himself (which was about an hour and a half away) so u know we hard a lot about his alma-mater.
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Punk'd replied on 09-06-2003 01:14PM [Reply]
The only HBCU my high school had any contact with was Morehouse and Spelman. Though my HS was a suburban school, it was like 60% black and a really great school. It was ranked in the 90's of the top HS in America, but for some reason HBCU's just looked over us. Hell, I honestly didn't even know what an HBCU was until I was researching colleges and stumbled across the word on Howards site.
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TSUlady from Bloomington, IL replied on 09-07-2003 08:40PM [Reply]
My high school is like 19% black so you know there weren't any HBCU's recruiting there. But I found out by research of my own. 8)
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