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Famu...here I Come!!! Posted on 06-03-2007

Tampa, FL
Hey Wutsup to all my future rattlers!!!! Let me get straight to the point. This Summer (JUNE 20) I will be starting as a freshman "On The Hill" and though nervous and excited at the same time I was just wondering if there was any insider info that i could get i.e. like what are the must haves to bring, which classes should i sign up for, and most importantly what is there to do during the summer, fun wise, considering that no one is really there and that i just wanted to get a headstart on things. Oh and im staying in the phase III apartments so what can expect there? I hope i get some really useful feeback and hopefully i'll get to know some of the rattler community a little better before i go. Thanks!!! Brittany
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Deuce_214 from Tallahassee, FL replied on 06-11-2007 12:25PM [Reply]

are you staying in a single or double in phase III? As far as the summer, it should be a few things because most organizations throw parties and then orientation will be going on so it will be some parties for those that are there for orientation. As far as classes are concerned, what are you going to major in?
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resinifz from Tampa, FL replied on 06-12-2007 08:13AM [Reply]

Online it says that in the summer I am actually staying in a double but I have five other roomates...is this posible? And I heard that the phase III apartments were realy far. what do u know about this?
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Deuce_214 from Tallahassee, FL replied on 06-12-2007 10:23AM [Reply]

yea Double occupancy at FAMU apartments means 2 people per room so if there are 3 rooms = 6 people, 4 rooms = 8 people. Phase III are at the back of campus so to say. I stay off campus a block from phase III apartments, it's a 15 min walk to the classrooms and office buildings, but also a campus shuttle runs through Palmetto North when you don't feel like walking.
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resinifz from Tampa, FL replied on 06-13-2007 06:44PM [Reply]

well thanks alot for the info u provided me wit. im so excited to go, i only got a week left til im up on da hill! one more question though, i got accepted into the honors program but im not sure if i should go along wit it cause im scared it might be too much to take on...what do u think? r u or anyone u know in it? if so, how is it?
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