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Anyone going to HU this fall? Posted on 06-05-2007

So, I'll be attending Howard this fall, and wanted to know if anyone could tell me a little bit about the whole HBCU experience. Let me know bout DC, Howard, the dorms, the educational expectations of an HBCU. Are HBCU's a lot more demanding, and challenging than any other colleges? How would you rate your experience @HU? Would you reccomend Every african-american, as well as other minorities, to attend Howard or an HBCU alike?... if so, why? *I need answers people, so I'll take whatever I can get* Be Blessed! -Licia
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sej1906 replied on 06-08-2007 08:20PM [Reply]
Reply from an old schooler: I went to HU for undergrad ('89 enter) and Duke for grad school. I recruit for HBCUs (all of them) when I visit HSs. Real Talk: HU and the HBCU experience made me who I am today and it allowed me to succeed in business. Howard & DC is an experience! Howard & DC has good and bad... but it prepares you to live and work ANYWHERE in the US. DC is fun, exciting, scary, interesting, wierd and (to me) my adopted home! I wasn't born in DC (I was born in the midwest) but I lived in DC longer than I lived anywhere in the US. This was my choice. I fell in love with DC soon after I enrolled in HU and lived there for over 12+ years after... DC is dope. Explore U-Street-Cardoza and the Adams Morgan areas for nightlife (but only after u get settled in your school work... for me, it took a couple years... heh). As for challenging... the challenge comes from you. If you want to stuggle, HU will offer that. If you want to expand, HU will offer that. If you want to coast, well... thats your option. I challenged myself by making sure I grad with honors and I do exchange programs (South Africa). College aint like HS where u take that they give you. You make your own course/path... and you follow it. When I have kids... by dream/hopes are they go to the following schools: Howard, Hampton, Morehouse or Spelman (followed by Ivy League, Duke or Stanford... b/c I have professional connections to those schools). I believe the HBCU experience is VERY important to early career development.
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