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How Do You Feel About High School Step Teams/Drill Teams? Posted on 06-07-2007
C Nels

How do you feel about high school step teams and/or drill teams? Is it a sign of flattery or of disrespect when you see them performing your organization's steps, chants and signs? Do you think that they are giving themselves false hope by thinking that "if I can step I can easily get in a greek organization"? Do you simply view it as another way to keep kids out of trouble, and don't care? Can any of them step better than you? lol How do you feel? What are your thoughts?
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PGPeripheryGirl from NY, NY replied on 06-07-2007 04:30PM [Reply]
Greek life has become so diluted. High school steppers need to do their own thing. I'm tired of seeing them at HU's stepshows!
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C Nels replied on 06-08-2007 12:39AM [Reply]
lol I'd do like we did/do at Claflin. Keep it an NPHC only show. We do have the winner of the dorm stepshow open up for us BUT don't nobody pay attention to em.
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MisterCook from Birmingham, AL replied on 06-18-2007 06:16AM [Reply]

Yeah, hands down it's just a waste of time(That's why I didn't join when I was in high school).
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Soundcheck 1898 replied on 06-20-2007 12:43PM [Reply]
C Nels I dig this topic... lol. I personally appreciate them. I've seen what the step ministry has done with the youth at my church back home. It was started by two Alpha's and they eventually got me and one of my peoples who is KKPsi to help out. It kept the kids off the streets. They coulda been doing a million and one things but they chose to meet up several days a week and step because it appealed to them. It also sparked a dying interest in HBCU's (and college in general... i live in a city where many youth could care less). I know I was one of the only people in my graduating class to attend an HBCU (Morehouse... recognize lol)and soon after many started to follow suit, especially after meeting with and being inspired to do so by the men/women who did before them. I think alot of people fail to realize is that its members of organizations that are teaching the chillren these steps most of the time. I think how one goes about teaching them is pretty important. If you're also teaching them something about the culture so they know whats right and wrong within a fraternal context, and hopefully some valuable lessons about life somewhere in between (which we should be doing anyway), everything should be copastetic... Yes... some do take it too far and yeah... its annoying as all get out... but shoot, we as Greeks take somethings far too seriously as well. I know I'm stepping on some toes now, but I'm gonna play devil's advocate... cus when you think about it... Don't we as Greek's sometimes "dilute" our own culture... What exactly does stepping/strolling/nalia/calls/hand signs/COMPETITION/etc have to do with the core values, diligence to service, and mission statements that our organizations and members pride themselves on and cherish so much. What would our founders thinks!? Now I'm not saying the above is wrong, be proud, however... one cannot deny that quite often we place them on a pedestal higher than everything else (particularly modern greek culture). So high, that the onlooker doesn't see anything else but that, even if we do grind and take care of the business we need to be taking care of... anyway... I'm on the verge of rambling, so i'll end here lol. Anyway, thats my 98 Cents thus far.
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$HoniEyez$ from Virignia Beach, VA replied on 06-20-2007 01:06PM [Reply]

I don't think stepping or drill team is a waste of time...it give kids a way to show their talent...If I could step I would join a step team. My high school had one of the best step teams in the nation right now and they be on point all of their stuff is original....
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replied on 06-22-2007 05:44PM [Reply]
Soundcheck 1898 said it so well. High school step teams can be a positive mentoring and social development vehicle if properly supervised by responsible nearby alumnae Greeks. Greek-letter organizations have been involved in high school interest groups for decades, and their recent involvement as official/unofficial sponsors of high school step teams is just another approach in that regard. As a high school student during the early 1970s, I was a member of a fraternity-sponsored interest group that provided a valuable foundation for my college Greek years. Although that group had no involvement with stepping, it did emulate many other aspects of college Greek life. Today's step team sponsorship allows local Greek organization volunteers to gain inroads toward mentoring that might not be available via traditional youth leadership vehicles. My own daughter - now an incoming college senior and Greek-letter organization member - received similar benefits during high school in a championship step team that balanced her rigorous academic schedule. When she recently joined her college sorority, along with her academic excellence, her high school step background and related social skills enabled her to make an immediate impact on her local chapter.
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ANGEL16 replied on 06-25-2007 05:50AM [Reply]
I'm a member of a high school step team and a coach of a middle school team. We compete in shows hosted by Phi Beta Sigma across the east coast. In our shows steps, signs, calls, and/or strolls related to any GLO is not prohibited and can cause disqualification. So you dont see it too much. I have seem how steppin made students feel like they could do something. Students that knew nothing about greek life or even college. So it has grown to be a real passion on mine. __--Brandy--__
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replied on 06-25-2007 06:31AM [Reply]
Brandy, I wish you continued success in your step team activity, and please send words of appreciation to the Phi Beta Sigma alumni who are hosting your team. I recommend also that you and your team members should take every opportunity to ask tons of questions to these alumni about the whole college experience, including how to manage time between the academic and the social. No one expects you to devote 100% of your time to school work. But the hard lesson that many of us have learned is that if you do the social things only 1/3 of the time that you *want* to do them, then you will still have enough fun to feel that you've enjoyed the college experience. By reserving the other 2/3 of that desired social time for study and personal improvement, you stand a better chance of earning the kind of grades that will get you the kind of job that will allow you to have *fun* as an adult. In other words:
  • it's hard to find well-paying jobs when your grades are not good; and
  • it's not fun to be employed and broke.
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ANGEL16 replied on 06-25-2007 07:40AM [Reply]
Thanx for the encouraging words! We do bug the Sigmas around here with questions(they are real cool) I have my mind set on a certain HBCU so I know I will have to get time management on lock--because I do love money!!-lol Right now Im sittin on a 3.8 GPA and ranked 5th outta 396 so Im confident in all my endeavors. But thats hard in High school, so I know I gotta focus for college __--Brandy--__
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