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For Your Consideration In 2008...... Posted on 06-14-2007
tonia renee lee
When casting your vote in 2008, enjoy the freedom of being an American; and having the privilege of choice to vote for the candidate you want. As a Black Republican, I feel liberated. The Republican party has shown me a pathway of self-sufficiency. For many years, I was a registered Democrat, because of influence from family and friends. I was ill informed, and taught that was the party for Black people. As an intelligent Black person, that statement should be an insult. That statement alone denotes we need constant help and guidance. It's your choice! However, please visit my **** site at ****.com :: TONIA LEE's MyGOP Site. I cannot speak for the late great Honorable Malcolm X. However, if he were I alive today, I believe he would be a Republican for he believed as the Republican party does of doing for self. Please also visit my other site OOBAU Believing the best for all people,especially my own, tonia renee lee, M.P.A., USC
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th88 replied on 06-16-2007 11:47PM [Reply]
The **** actually will defend anyone who they feel is having their rights infringed upon, left or right. They often take unpopular cases because they believe in the rights of this country. As far as the amendments go, I stick by my previous post. We have a right to bear arms, but in my house you don't bring your guns. We have a right to assembly, but if I wish it not in any private property I own. If your parents told you not to say certain things as a child would you consider that infringing on your rights? Would you advocate that not being allowed? Private corporations have a right to fire people who make the working environment uncomfortable and no person should have to deal with insensitive remarks. So, I feel the Don Imus firing was justified. If I made that same joke on the job and was fired I wouldn't like it, but I shouldn't be making that joke at work obviously.
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tonia renee lee from TORRANCE, CA replied on 06-17-2007 03:08AM [Reply]
TH88, I do not know of any current cases or causes involving any Conservatives, especially in the Media where the **** went to bat for them. Can you please provide me with case precedent regarding cases involving such? I would be fascinated and happily elated that balance and fairness is being exhibited within the ****. The **** is supposed to be the champion for fairness, but has that been indicative of the organization within; especially the last two decades? Again, if you can provide me with cases, being a strong Black Woman with an open mind; I will admit that I was wrong and stand corrected. With respect to my parents instruction as a child, if you are at all spiritually inclined there is a scripture. I cannot recall the book, chapter, and verse at this time; but to paraphrase it states: "When I was a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child, I acted as a child; but when I became an "Adult" I put away childish things." The Bible if one believes gives guidance to parents as well as children. It also adivises us to Honor our Mother and Father so that our days will be longer on the earth. In addition, it advises parents, I believe not to provoke their children. So the Bible, God , if one believes provides guidance for different stages and levels of life. Similarly, man's law provides laws and punishment for breaking laws depending on whether one is a juvenile or adult. Even within man's law, children and adults are held to a different standard. So, to answer your question, it is my belief that when a child growing up under my parents roof, their rules and regulations were the law of the land in the house; and as a child I was obligated to obey their rules. However, when I moved out of their house and became an Adult, while I still must honor them; I have every right to my own opinion because I am no longer a child. With respect to Mr. Imus if you did the same thing as Mr. Imus you seem to be agreeing that the punishment should be the same for you, and I can respect any opinion that exhibits and is indicative of true fairness. Your comments and concerns are deeply appreciated. If you are a Father Happy Father's Day! All the best, tonia renee lee, M.P.A., USC
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th88 replied on 06-17-2007 07:45AM [Reply]
This is a page listing recent cases where they defend Christians. Defending Hate speech Although this isn't what you wanted exactly, the **** will defend people whose rights are being infringed upon and it covers the spectrum from leftist organizations to reactionary or hate groups. They often get painted as a liberal organization, but that could be more of circumstances where "****" need them more so than their true ideology. As far as your experience growing up, I wasn't expected to think like my mom. I was allowed to decide things for myself, so the idea that your political affiliation was hampered is a little foreign to me.
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tonia renee lee from TORRANCE, CA replied on 06-17-2007 10:33AM [Reply]
Hello Again TH88, You are right, this is not what I was looking for. I was hoping for cases on point where the **** represented a Conservative being deprived of their rights to freedom of speech or any area where their rights were being infringed upon. Also, my mother as a child influenced me greatly, as well as I think she should have with respect to my life as a child and a teenager. I did not at those very crucial formative years have the knowledge she had acquired nor my father. I am proud and grateful that I was raised in a traditional family with family values. As an Adult I have made some decisions on my own that I have regreted. If I had remembered my training as a child, some of my trials and disappointments in life could have been avoided. The Bible states to train up a child in the way in which he shall go, and he shall not depart. One thing I owe my mother and both departed grandmothers, is not becoming a statistic with respect to teenage pregnacy. As a Black woman, I have faced many challenges, but their constant nuturing helped me to avoid that area which would have made the struggle even harder. Also, I want to make it clear, when I state their nurturing prevented me from becoming a statistic, I truly listened; and abstained. They did not have to sneak me out of town for an ****, or delivery to later be given up for adoption, My party of choice, the Republican Party stresses FAMILY VALUES. To Republicans, the FAMILY UNIT is important. America is falling apart largely because of the break down of the Family. It is time to get AMERICA back on track. It is my opinion and belief, that the REPUBLICAN PARTY is the right party for the job. Values have to start some where, and constant excuses and apologies will only cause further destruction. Thank you for your candor. However, we are not on the same page. Our ideology clearly differs. As a result, I understand your position but do not agree with it. Best Always, tonia renee lee, M.P.A., USC
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th88 replied on 06-17-2007 11:19AM [Reply]
The links of the **** was to show that they defend people whose rights are being infringed upon period, not just leftist organizations. On the spectrum the religious right are closer to conservatism than they are to liberalism. The Republican party isn't the party of family values, I have yet to see **** try to destroy the family. America isn't falling apart due to the break down of the family. But if that was the case how could the republicans fix it when they have been three of the last four presidents, two of which served for two terms? There is a difference between rhetoric and action, and their past actions prove that they can't live up to what they are preaching. I still don't see how a party full of racists can preach about values, especially when the potential candidates for 08 all praise Ronald Reagan. The man who rode in on the "welfare queen" stereotype. The man who, allegedly, flooded the black community with crack. Mandatory miniums, cuts in HUD funding. Seriously, this is the man they respect.
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aamuboi23zz from birmingham, AL replied on 06-17-2007 03:13PM [Reply]
I hear what you are saying Tonia as I to thought of being a member of the Republican Party. Though I cannot and will not support this president and will always feel that way. Mr. Bush has given the Republican party a MY WAY OR THE HIGHWAY LOOK, and thats not something I will be apart of with him being the leader of the party. Right now I am split on the topic of ARE YOU DEM OR REP. I have to say sometime I agree with Democrates and other time I agree with Republicans. I agree more frequently with the Democrates. With that being said I will vote for Madem President Hilary Clinton and I am going to enjoy every minute of her presidency as I know she will. I can not say I am a Democrate but Iknow it is time out for the War in Iraq and it time for issue at home to became the center stage for American again. I know that a change in party is going to bring that. Who knows maybe one day i will feel as strong as you do about the **** but today is not that day and it will not be here anytime soon. I know the fact about both parties and thats probably why it's so hard to decide but for right now its Hilary's time and me and alot of american decided it's the Democrats time to be in power. just look at the House and Senate. You have a politcal mind and thats great i just hope that you are going to use it wisely in the 2008 election.
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aamuboi23zz from birmingham, AL replied on 06-17-2007 03:22PM [Reply]
I have to say that I have to agree with the democrate on lots of thing such as stem cell research,****,marital union,and alot of american social plans for the future. i agree with Republican on some family value, the war on **** not this sensless iraq war that is a failure and I agree with them on doing thing to better self with out handout. IT IS TIME FOR THE DEMOCRATE TO HAVE A CHANCE TO BUILD UP THIS COUNTRY AGAIN THE 1990'S WERE A GREAT TIME AND WE NEED THAT AGAIN.
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tonia renee lee from TORRANCE, CA replied on 06-18-2007 02:28AM [Reply]
Dear Esteemed Colleagues, I do not concur with anything that has been stated in the last three posts. TH88, often it takes time to bring about significant change. This is exactly what the Republican party has been striving for. We have arguably had some hits and misses, but all parties do. Also, to label any party as Racists without factual evidence is disturbing to say the least. There are more Black Republicans than you may realize. Are we Racists too? Are Dr. Condelleza Rice, J.C. Watts, T.W. Shannon, and Clarence Thomas racists? They all happen to be Black Republicans, who have done an excellent job in their political careers. aamubio23zz, I made my decision more than a decade ago to be a Republican. I am not going to ever and have no desire to change parties. Ever heard of the "THINKER?" I enjoy being with a party that "THINKS," and does not merely "REACT." We are not forcing anyone to change parties. We believe as Americans people have the freedom to vote for the candidate of their choice. While I do not support the Democratic party to include Senator Hillary Clinton, IF she wins I would respect the Office of the Presidency.(I say if because my grandmother taught me the old adage:NEVER COUNT YOUR CHICKENS UNTIL THEY HATCH). We live in a DEMOCRACY, and while I will be disappointed if Sentaor Hillary Clinton wins, as an American I am obligated to respect the office and the position she would hold. We as Americans must respect our own system, when it works in our favor; as well as when it does not. The majority rule speaks in America in our elections. May the best candidate win, and let us as Americans respect the freedom of choice; and whatever party assumes the Presidency in 2008. Calling all HBCU Republicans to answer the call, and to help aid in a possible victory in 2008. Please visit my site at ****.com :: TONIA LEE's MyGOP Site, or go to ****.com & register to create your own site. My Fellow HBCU REPUBLICANS our time is now. Together we can ACHIEVE "anything." Abundant Blessings to the Entire HBCU Family, tonia renee lee, M.P.A.,USC
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th88 replied on 06-18-2007 03:46AM [Reply]
I didn't label the party as racist, so I'm not going to argue against a straw man fallacy.
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aamuboi23zz from birmingham, AL replied on 06-18-2007 07:35AM [Reply]
Tonia I understand respecting the office of the presidency as i respect the president i don't respect Mr.Bush. Yes there is a difference. I didn't ask you to change parties i just stated that people are going to have to think with there minds and not there party affilation in this next election for it will be one of the most important elections in this century. I can say I thought that MR BUSH was going to be one of the best President in my life time until 2003 when he decided to invade Iraq. I thought Bush handle Sept.11 fantastically and he ws going to protect me and all my family and friend.That night i went to bed feeling safe even though early that morning some of that sense of safety was taken away. I can say when you have a president that does thing as Mr Bush has done over the late six in a half year people are going to resent the party in which that president was apart of. I respect your decision to be different, however I think people should hear both side of the story call THE DEMOCRATIC AND REPUBLICAN PARTY.
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