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For Your Consideration In 2008...... Posted on 06-14-2007
tonia renee lee
When casting your vote in 2008, enjoy the freedom of being an American; and having the privilege of choice to vote for the candidate you want. As a Black Republican, I feel liberated. The Republican party has shown me a pathway of self-sufficiency. For many years, I was a registered Democrat, because of influence from family and friends. I was ill informed, and taught that was the party for Black people. As an intelligent Black person, that statement should be an insult. That statement alone denotes we need constant help and guidance. It's your choice! However, please visit my **** site at ****.com :: TONIA LEE's MyGOP Site. I cannot speak for the late great Honorable Malcolm X. However, if he were I alive today, I believe he would be a Republican for he believed as the Republican party does of doing for self. Please also visit my other site OOBAU Believing the best for all people,especially my own, tonia renee lee, M.P.A., USC
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tonia renee lee from TORRANCE, CA replied on 06-18-2007 07:55AM [Reply]
Dear Esteemed Colleagues, Good Afternoon! TH88 the previous post seemed to indicate that the Republican party is a racist party. The posting could be interpreted that way due to the manner in which it was written. If that was not your intention, I appreciate the clarification. aamuboi2322, In your previous post you declared Senator Hillary Clinton as the next President of the United States of America. If she has already WON, then she certainly does not need my vote or the votes of VOTERS THAT ARE UNDECIDED. If she has won, then arguably she has WON by a landslide already in June 2007 for the 2008 Presidentilal Election; then no deliberation or further consideration is necessary. Why does my vote or the undecided matter, or what I espouse matter; if she has already won? It seems as if you would be excited about your win. Abundant Blessings, tonia renee lee, M.P.A., USC
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th88 replied on 06-18-2007 10:27AM [Reply]
I said it was full of racists meaning there are racists in the party, prominent members of the party. Just check the zero tolerance policies in NY during Rudy Giuliani's reign as mayor. Also, Mormonism stuck to the story of Ham to justify their racist notions for quite awhile, only relatively recently stopping the teachings. So Mitt Romney is questionable. I already mentioned how the gipper created the "welfare queen" out of thin air which was blatantly racist and how modern day republicans respect the man like he turned water into wine. George Allen called a man "mecaca" and Trent Lott said had Strum Thurmond won the presidency America wouldn't have the problems we are having. Strum, of course, was a segregationist.
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aamuboi23zz from birmingham, AL replied on 06-18-2007 04:34PM [Reply]
It is clear that you are one of those scarcaist type which is typical of the republican party. No one has declared Mrs.Clinton as the winner of anything by a landslide. I just think she is the best women for the job and she deserves a chance at the presidency. It is clear up to the voters as to weather she shall have it. I will say this, if you Republicans nominate Sen. John McCain, Sen. Sam Brownback, or Mayor Rudy Guiliani SHE SHALL HAVE IT.
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tonia renee lee from TORRANCE, CA replied on 06-18-2007 05:54PM [Reply]
I WILL GIVE YOU THE LAST WORD GRACIOUSLY LIKE MY COLLEAGUE MR. BILL O'RIELLY. Please be sure to tune in to the O'Rielly Factor, where it is a definite "NO SPIN ZONE." ALLTHE BEST & ABUNDANT BLESSINGS ALWAYS, tonia renee lee, M.P.A.,USC (The best University on God's Green Earth) YEAH TROJANS!!!!!!
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aamuboi23zz from birmingham, AL replied on 06-20-2007 10:58AM [Reply]
Thanks accepting defeat! The Republican Party is going to have to get use to that in the up coming year
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Kenshinsanzero replied on 07-17-2007 02:16AM [Reply]
Come the 2008 elections, lets all forget about this party system and just vote for the RIGHT person regardless of their party affiliation! We'll all be better off
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